Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews From Amazon: Updated 2019

Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews 2019- Best Buying Guide.

Best Radon gas detector Reviews 2019. Find our Radon gas detector reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you buy the best radon gas detector for your needs.

Best Radon gas detector Reviews- Buying Guide

Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews – Our Recommendations for 2019

To increase the safety levels of our surroundings including the air we breathe and the water we drink, radon is one dangerous element we ought to deal with, what may ever be the situation. It is a naturally occurring noble gas found in the earth’s soil which unfortunately is also a nuisance that can certainly mess up with our body’s immune system. Honestly saying, once the radon gas starts collecting inside our homes, there’s nothing much we can do about it. In fact, one doesn’t even come to know about its presence or the potential side effects until and unless they go for a radon gas detection test.

So, how can you effectively combat the risk of high radon concentrations? Purchase a reliable and durable Radon Gas Test Kit or an automatic Radon Gas Detector.

Radon monitors for home or commercial usage help you detect radon gas amounts in your home or any commercial building and simultaneously take the corrective measures to prevent any adverse effects.

Professional services do not come in cheap. And this is why the DIY concept can save you from disturbing your monthly finances. We bring you the Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews – 2019 that isn’t only the best buy from Amazon but also amongst the best sellers in any store you may want to buy from!

On this portal, you can find the best radon gas detector reviews, comparison charts and the best buying guides. All of these will ensure that you make an informed and the most excellent purchase decision.

Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews – Our Recommendations For 2019

Amazon is one open market that has all such products for sale which you may require someday or the other. It is like your very own neighbourhood departmental store! So, if you are thinking of where to buy radon detectors online, then Amazon is the answer. You get for sale all the top quality goods which are best rated and hence best sellers.

Therefore, below we get you through our expert and Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews (2019 Year) keeping in mind the overall approach and concept of radon gas detection that differs from country to country. This will help you find the best according to your requirements as well as affordability.

After intense research, we have made sure to offer you the best possible solution to the most complicated and frequently ignored problem. All the products below are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified and recommended for both home and commercial usage.

ImageModelsRecommendations and Rating
Corentium Home 223 Randon Detector

Corentium Home 223 Radon Gas Detector.

No.1 Recommendation

Just This – No More, No Less !!

Rating: 4.9/5

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Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector - HS71512 Review

Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector-HS71512

No.2 Recommendation.

Alarm Alert System


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First alert RD1 radon gas test kit reviews

First alert rd1 radon gas test kit

No.3 Recommendation.

Short Term Testing


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Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 Review

Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit At 100

No.4 Recommendation

Electrochemical Tracking Kit


(Read Full Review)

What is Radon gas?

What is Radon gas-Best Radon gas detector Reviews - Best Buying Guide.

Radon gas is cancer-causing, radioactive gas which you cannot even see, smell or either taste. When you breathe the air containing radon, you increase the risk of lung cancer even if you are a non-smoker.

Radon gas naturally moves up to the air above the ground/soil and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. This gas can also enter your house through the good water.

Hence, testing is the only way to find out your home’s radon levels. There also are certain ways to fix the high-level radon issues. But first, ensure if you can manage the process all by yourself. Ask for professional help in case of an emergency.

We would suggest you testing the radon levels all by your own self as it’s not at all a difficult task. The method saves your time and remains absolutely affordable. All you may need is a radon detection equipment for which our Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews will help you clear any further confusions. If you still are puzzled as to how to go about, then you have landed at the right place.

What Is A Radon Gas Detector?

Before talking about what a radon gas detector is, let’s first get a better understanding of what radon gas is. Radon is a hazardous gas that can penetrate into any building through several different entry points. Once inside the structure, it easily traps in the lower levels of a building and starts affecting one’s health. And it is only eventually that the gas concentrates which you can measure through an instrument called as a radon gas detector. Primarily, radon can get inside a building through these common access points: Construction joints, wall cracks, suspended floor gaps, service pipe gaps, inside wall cavities, untreated water supply and more.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has established a few standard guidelines, according to which the radon gas levels need to be less than 4 picoCuries per litre (pCi/L). The areas where levels are beyond the recommendations, they account for being the highly affected regions.

Types of Radon Gas Detectors

So, whether the gas enters through water supply or through your house foundation, a radon detection test saves you from any long-term negative consequences. You can easily monitor the levels using a radon gas detector as its one dynamic, aggressive as well as reliable method. There are both active and passive radon gas detectors one of which operates digitally whereas the other is a charcoal diffusion test. Although no levels of radon gas are considered to be safe but to fix the problem, radon detector is a remediation plan before you can employ the techniques to reduce it.

All these detectors seem alike as they function towards the same purpose but what exactly is a radon gas detector? Basically, a radon detector or a radon gas test kit is a device that alerts you the presence of radon gas in a particular area. They are easily available at online stores like Amazon. And best radon gas detector reviews and consumer reports come in handy when you need to pick the best selling device.

How Do Radon Gas Detectors Work?

Millions of Americans have been poorly affected with the issue of radon exposure. Dealing with the gas isn’t a difficult part, but not testing is! And to test the concentration, a radon gas test kit or a radon monitor is one of the top professional ways of detection. Structures that test above or at 4pCi/L (standard measure) needs proper mitigation for high radon levels. Depending upon the building, suitable techniques would be applied. But, before that, how do radon gas detectors work? How to use a radon gas detector? And what are the benefits of using a radon gas detector? Let’s find out!

There are two different types of radon gas detectors available both in your nearby hardware stores and at the online marketplace, Amazon. The first type of radon detector is the one that’s electronic also called an active radon gas detector or radon monitor. These are instant and are battery or power operated. The second type is the one that determines levels through radon gas test kits that are passive in nature and much affordable.

This is How a Passive Radon Gas Test Kit Works:

Short Term Radon Gas Test Kit:

These radon gas test kits can test over a shorter duration of time. With tests lasting from just two to seven days, the result can be achieved almost instantly by sampling the air. Simply buy a kit that’s best online as well as offline and tops every comparison. Even we have a few radon gas test kits listed on our site that’ll be your best buy in 2019 (year). Once you have the package in hand, make sure to read the detailed guide that comes accompanied with the kit. Place the kit in the room that’s suspected of having high radon gas levels (ideally any room that’s below the third floor). To avoid disturbances, put the kit at least 20 inches above the ground. Let it sit there for a few days after which you can seal the kit and send it back for laboratory analysis.

Long Term Radon Gas Test Kit:

Long-term radon gas test kits for sale are basically those that work for 7 days and go up to around 90 days. These are considered much more appropriate than the short term tests but work similar to them. So, you’ll have to place the kit in the affected room and let it stay there untouched for the said time period. Once the duration completes, these kits to are sent for lab testing.
Both the techniques are based on charcoal testing that offers an equal particle collection. The devices are kind of diffusion-based radon track detectors. Each of them contains a unique barcode and comes sealed in an airtight packet. The devices have sturdy filters to essentially strain the radon progeny and trap the particles until shipped for further analysis. And before shipping, you must not forget to fill in the details asked for on the data sheets so the results can be much accurate and reliable. These are economical DIY radon gas test kits but each of it comes with the quality of professional testing.

Charcoal Testing: How these radon gas test kits work? They function with the help of activated charcoal to effectively trap the radon atoms present in the air which can be counted in the lab at a later stage.

Alpha Track: These kinds of tests are somewhat similar to charcoal testing but still vary a bit. An alpha track device contains plastic pieces that get marked when radon particles hit them. Upon testing, lab experts come to know of the radon count very easily and with the results they send you back some important recommendations as well.

This is how Active Radon Gas Monitors or Electronic Radon Gas Detectors Work:

Any best selling electronic radon monitor consists of a plastic disc that has an electric charge and is essentially in use for professional testing purposes. These are easy to operate and work continuously to provide you with accurate results. And due to their convenience, it is the number one preference of homeowners. The working is very similar to smoke detectors. Active radon monitors send out alerts in case of concentrated levels. Every detector comes designed in a way that’s helpful for professional usage. But, homeowners too can benefit! Before they can provide you with exact results, an annual calibration process needs to be carried out.

Installation happens within minutes. You just need to plug in the device into an electrical outlet and the LCD displays both the short term as well as long-term readings instantly. In case the levels go beyond 4.0 pCi/L, the alarm sound starts to beep. Such radon monitors are of top quality and can test for as low as 48 hours to over a year. You can take the device easily to other rooms and plug them wherever necessary.

So, how do these radon detectors work? Place the detector at least 3 feet above the ground and test in the lowest levels of your house. These radon monitors for home usage must not be disturbed by any external factors so as to obtain consistent results. They make use of electricity to run the insides of the device and continuously provide you with readings of radon levels so you are always up to date with the conditions. No need to send the device for lab testing and you keep getting hourly updates through the LCDs. And if you want to choose the best device, go through our in-depth best radon gas detector reviews to purchase from the best sellers.

How to Use Radon Gas Detectors?

Now that you know what are radon gas detectors and radon gas test kits and how they work, it is very important for you also to know how to use a radon detector! You simply cannot get a detector out of the package and start using it. There are a few tips and guidelines that require special attention. Radon testing is the foremost suggestion for every household as well as commercially. But this how to use a radon gas detector to obtain consistent and reliable results within the stipulated time frame.

Handy recommendations on how to use Radon Detectors:

  1. When testing with a short-term radon gas test it, make sure to keep your home windows and doors shut for at least 48 hours or as much as possible. This lowers the risk of fluctuating radon levels.
  2. As radon gas enters into a structure through the underlying soil, it is most likely to be found in higher concentrations in the low lying areas of your house.
  3. Avoid placing a radon gas detector in humid areas like bathroom, kitchen or laundry rooms.
  4. Keep in mind that radon levels are highest in the lowest living altitudes. So, the basement should be targeted at first.
  5. If you suspect the venting pipe joints or cracks to be the possible entry points for radon, then place the device close to those openings.
  6. As a certain type of wall materials to are radon absorbing, you can place the radon gas detector along the wall at least 2-3 feet above the ground. This will provide you with comprehensive readings.
  7. Remove objects that can exude toxins, vapour or heat to damage the product or interfere with the readings.
  8. The longer you go for radon gas detection tests, the better the results it provides.
  9. Do not place the detector in areas that have been freshly painted. The chemicals are strong enough to react with radon particles and produce false readings.
  10. Make sure to place your radon monitor or digital radon gas detector inside the household premises and not outside.
  11. Primarily, there are five common reasons for having dangerous radon levels in the basement.
  12. Natural stones like granite and limestone decompose radon at a much faster rate.
  13. Low lying floors are directly above the solid which is another cause of affecting the foundation.
  14. Another reason is groundwater that can easily mingle with the surrounding soil and particles along with organisms and grass to make the movement of water into the house.
  15. Cracks, gaps and holes in the concrete pave way for radon gas to seep inside.
  16. And lastly, rock deposit under your house can form radon over the time due to the pressure that can enter the basement.

What Else … 

In all of the above-mentioned cases, you will have to go through the best radon detector reviews 2019, purchase the best rated and best seller devices after making comparisons to suits your particular requirements and make use of it. Have the best radon monitor for home placed in the basement and make it a livable place.

Not just the basement, but also try and place the radon gas detector or for that matter your DIY radon gas test kit in the areas where you spend maximum time. If required, purchase multiple radon detectors so all areas can be tested at once.

In the end, do not rely on the numbers of what your neighbourhood tests say. Even the slightest change in the soil, construction material, water saturation and surface porosity can put your house at risk of having radon in higher concentrations.

Your Best Buy – Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews: 2019

To list the best radon detectors available in the marketplace or on Amazon, we have primarily concentrated on a few crucial aspects:

  • Ease of their installation processes
  • Ease of usage
  • Their accuracy levels
  • And, price bracket

All the mentioned radon detectors for sale are value for money investment. You will not end up paying for something that’s undesirable or reprehensible.

Beware: Do not buy from any other websites that directly sell radon detectors or promote illegitimate radon gas test kits and radon detector reviews. Those radon detectors can be 2nd hand, used and may have invalidated tests. Such hoax websites also bring up additional (hidden) costs that too under unavoidable circumstances.

But, we help you pick out the best radon gas detectors through our expert assistance, genuine advice and the best radon gas detector reviews. It all ensures utmost protection. Hope you find the provided information useful and pick a product that’s designed for your particular needs. Because when you do so, you are saving yourself and your love from the dangers of lung cancer, severe skin irritations and other infections.

All the best radon gas detector reviews are pretty detailed, curated with utmost vigilance, the products conform to preeminent standards and are self-tested. Plus, it is JANUARY and also the NATIONAL RADON ACTION MONTH. So, what better time could it be to explore the best products for sale on Amazon to prevent radon invasion and be worry free!


As consumers, your main focus is to get the best possible product at the most affordable price with top safety assurance. So here, it’s our motive to provide you with the finest and true reviews about best home radon detectors.

    1. CORENTIUM HOME 223 RADON DETECTOR – This is the best active device we’ve reviewed so far for radon detection. This device has all the required features for assured quality and safety.

      ==> Click here to See Today’s Discount on Corentium Home 223 Radon Detector


  1. SAFETY SIREN PRO SERIES 3 RADON GAS DETECTOR (HS71512) – This device helps you protect what is important to your – family. This one would never let you ignore the high radon levels because of the built-in alarm system indication.

    ==> Click here to See Today’s Discount on Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector(HS71512)


If you are on a lookout for something that’s most affordable with accurate radon testing qualities then you are in the right section. Here we bring to you two budget-friendly radon detection kits that are precise and are really helpful.

  1. ACCUSTAR ALPHA TRACK TEST KIT AT 100 – We rate this passive kit as the most reasonably priced and successful radon detection kit. It makes use of electrochemical etching for better radon tracking.


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  1. FIRST ALERT RD1 RADON GAS TEST KIT This kit is the simplest one where you just need to expose the kit to the environment for a period of 2 4 days. It’s a short-term detection kit.

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Corentium Home 223 Radon Detector is a compact and powerful solution for testing the radon levels. It provides accurate levels and adapts easily to the home environment. The batteries provided with the device keeps it working for the next two years to display exact readings.

It’s a high-quality European design device allowing you to take the readings of radon levels in your home. These readings are of long-term along with short-term concentration levels. Plus, the equipment records no false readings even after excessive humidity, dust or any kind of electromagnetic interferences.

==> Check more Reviews of Corentium Home 223 Radon Gas Detector on



The Safety Siren Pro Series 3 is an electronic and digital radon gas detector. It is designed for monitoring the radon levels in your home. There are both short-term and long-term average readings. It triggers an audible alarm leaving no scope for negligence in case of higher radon levels.

To start the device, plug in its adaptor that comes with the box. You can always reset the device and check for radon levels in your other rooms of the house.

==> Check more Reviews of Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector on



Alpha Track Test Kit AT–100 is a diffusion-based radon track detection kit. This is an electrochemical system which is superior to chemically etched alpha track radon detectors.

The radon exposure time to the Alpha Track device is typically between 3 to 12 months. This kit is a small packet big bang kind of a device which is also a passive detection device. Seal it in a pre-paid shipping to envelop and send back to the laboratory for getting accurate results.

==> Check more Reviews of Alpha Track Test Kit AT–100 on


First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit helps in radon testing for homeowners. It is a DIY (Do–It–Yourself) kind of a test kit. This kit is essentially for short-term radon testing. You need to expose this kit to your home environment for a period of 2-4 days. After the exposure time, ship the device to the laboratory and wait for the results.

==> Check more Reviews of First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit on



When choosing the best radon gas detector, considering radon gas detector reviews in 2019 is one important factor. And how to buy them online is another significant one. But, here are a few things you first need to keep in mind while purchasing the best seller items.

  1. Testing Period: Inactive/ long term/ electronic radon gas detectors, there’s more versatility and convenience. However, short-term tests are much easier, cheap and quick.

But, you need to decide what’s more compatible with your particular needs and what will provide you with better results.

  1. Power: This implies if you are thinking of buying an active/ electronic device. Either it should be battery operated or be able to connect to a power socket. You must easily be able to carry the device in any area of the house is another significant aspect.
  2. Accuracy: No matter what happens, how many comparisons you make, whatever best-rated products you see, do not compromise with you and your family’s safety. Do not overlook the fact that results must be exact and least affected by external obstructions. The accuracy of the device definitely counts!
  3. Price: Yes, passive detectors are pretty cheap but active ones too don’t cost a fortune. However, hiring a professional can definitely dig a hole in your pocket. But wherever it’s obligatory, make sure you are talking with an expert.

However, as long as testing is concerned, it is something where even you can make use of the tools and devices.

Any Other Factors?

There are several other factors to consider while you buy a radon measurement device for your home. Here are a few more things to keep in mind before you buy any radon detection equipment.

  • Get a device that frequently detects and records the radon levels.
  • Get a radon measurement device from a qualified laboratory or tester.
  • You can also contact your state radon office for a list of qualified radon testing companies.
  • You can consult a professional to know which device would be suitable for your needs.
  • What kind of a radon gas detector you need also depends on how fast you need the results. If there’s no hurry you can simply go for a long-term test kit or radon monitor.
  • Consider buying a dual combination kit if you are testing in a shorter term. This will ensure maximum accuracy.
  • One last point, be sure that if you are buying a short-term radon gas test kit, the shipping and laboratory analysis fee is all-inclusive. Otherwise, it’s more or less an additional cost for you.

Your best buy would be one of those branded active radon detectors that even we have mentioned on this site. And if you are choosing a passive radon gas test kit, then make sure it links up with a reputed laboratory for testing and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Question for Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews-FAQ’s

Have a question? Find the answer here with our Radon Gas FAQs that specifically cater to the needs of homeowners.

  • What is radon?

Radon is a colourless, odourless and invisible radioactive gas that accumulates in the low lying areas and results from decaying uranium. Since radon is present almost everywhere, the risk of exposure remains at max. Radon is found in rocks, well water, construction material as well as the soil. Therefore, it is always better to keep a check on your environment along with the water supply.

  • Is radon a problem?

Of course, it is hazardous especially if the exposure levels are much higher than what’s acceptable. If the gas traps inside your property or for that matter in any construction, the long-term consequences can be deadly. In fact, radon is a major cause of lung cancer after smoking in the whole of the United States.

  • How do I know if my premises contain radon particles?

Test for radon! This is the only answer to the question. To be able to identify radon, you have to either get a short-term radon testing kit or place an electronic radon detector. Such types of equipment absorb the particles of radon present in your environment and display their exact numbers. 4pCi/L is the standard and acceptable amounts of radon which safe for both the human as well as animal health. Anything above this number is absolutely harmful.

  • What are the possible signs of radon exposure?

The symptoms are very much similar to that of lung cancer. Therefore, the signs may include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Wheezing
  • A persistent cough
  • Hoarseness
  • A headache
  • Chest pain
  • A bloody cough
  • Worsening cold

American Cancer Society puts forward an estimate that more than 20, 000 deaths annually in the US alone are due to radon poisoning. Lung cancer is the reported cause.

  • How do I test?

Check the manual that comes accompanied with your package. Instructions on how to start the radon test are clearly mentioned. But here’s a quick explanation on how you can:

Open the package, pull out the kit, read the guidelines, place the radon detection kit or electronic radon detector at the affected area and wait for the exposure time to end.

You can also check our best radon detection kits or electronic radon detector reviews to choose the best tester.

  • When should I stop the test?

Radon detection kits are for short-term use. Hence, they take anywhere between 24-72 hour for accurate examination. Right after this time (mentioned on the package too), you will have to seal and send the kit for further analysis at an authenticated lab.

Whereas on the other side, an electronic radon detector would require anywhere between a week to a month or few months for bringing up the results. After the exposure time (mentioned in the instruction manual too), you can yourself check the results through the LCD screens.

  • Where should I place the detector/ kit?

You need to place the tester in the lowest (basement) or the highest (attic) levels of your house. In short, any area you think radon can seep in easily needs a radon detector. Also, keep it at least 2 feet above the ground, 3 feet away from the windows and in areas with low humidity.

  • Will a mitigation system help?

Every construction, no matter what, must have a remediation system installed in the basement or the attic to get rid of gasses that may affect your wellbeing. If you do not have one, get it installed by a profession or if you can, get a DIY system and set it up all by yourself

  • Can I hire a professional for better inspection?

Once you are sure of the levels, yes, you can contact a radon expert to help you take the precautionary measures. He/ she will let you better understand your environment and suggest the steps to be taken in case the levels are found to be higher. But, it is always a good idea to carry out a radon test at an individual level before you may contact any professional. Such services are expensive and you as a homeowner can anyway fix the problem on your own.

  • What’s the safest level of radon?

According to WHO, 2.7 pCi/L is an acceptable level of radon exposure. However, EPA suggests it to be 4 pCi/L. Anything above this is an intimation for you to update your mitigation systems.

Radon exposure in a long run is cancerous therefore you must not allow a massive buildup and take steps to vent out the gas as soon as possible.

  • How can I fix radon?

The first and foremost step to fix the radon exposure is to install a potent mitigation system. These basically involve having radon mitigation fans that vent the gas off the problem areas into the outside air. Proper piping and fan system comes into use to pull the gas out from your house and be released a little away into the air so it does not get back to the soil.

  • Is it easy to install a vent system without professional help?

There are DIY ventilation systems that you can easily install without any professional help. Keep the manuals and all the instruction material handy so you do not get stuck during the process.

Other than, here is a helpful tip – when installing the system all by yourself, ensure that you exactly know what you are doing. One wrong step can reverse the entire process and end up increasing the radon levels in your home. This can lead to combustion appliance back drafting and in turn level up the carbon monoxide levels inside your property.

  • What does an ideal mitigation system look like?

There’s an inline fan to draw out all the infected air through a vent pipe that comes from the basement and goes outside the house. Passing through this durable vent pipe, harmful gases like radon present inside your property effectively disperse into the atmosphere. Therefore, this is how you can fix the problem!

  • Where can I buy a radon test kit?

Check our radon detector reviews and pick the best according to your preference as well as budget. Testing for radon is an important step, therefore, you need to get the right device which is durable and also accurate. Best radon detectors are available both offline as well as online on Amazon. However, buying it online is convenient in terms of making a purchase which happens right from your comfort zone.

  • Radon exposure is fixed. What next?

You need to ensure that the mitigation system keeps working continuously. Also, test for radon from time to time (in every 6 months). Do not plug off the mitigation fan, keep a check on the condition of the pipes and if you are stuck with anything, call an expert right away. Do not keep fixing issues by yourself, it can be dangerous!


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