Systemair HP 190 Radon Mitigation Fan 4/5″ ( Inch) Duct Reviews: Upd 2020

Here we bring to you Systemair HP 190 Radon Mitigation Fan 4/5″ ( Inch) Duct, 157 CFM Reviews which is user-friendly and residential duct fan – HP 190 for better performance and increased usefulness.

Systemair HP 190 Radon Mitigation Fan 4/5″ ( Inch) Duct, 157 CFM Reviews:2020



What is systemair HP190 Radon Fan?

This is a Fantech HP 190 radon mitigation fan. The product is capable of effectively eliminating the radon levels from your home. This fan intends on working as an active soil depressurization system for efficiently dropping the radon intensity.


Systemair HP 190 Radon Mitigation Fan Specification

Product Name
Systemair HP190 Radon Fan 4/5″Duct 157 Cfm
Product Model Number
Product Weight
4 pounds
Product Dimensions
11 x 11 x 13 inches

Systemair HP 190 Radon Mitigation Fan other specification

  • CFM or the Air Flow Capacity of the Systemair HP 190 radon fan is 157.
  • It can be used for 4/5 inches ductwork.
  • Its inlet, as well as the outlet sizes, are the same.
  • The fan needs a coupler that’s of two different sizes.
  • It is also suitable for replacements of the existing radon ventilation fans.

Benefits of using systemair HP190 Radon Fan

  • The product has a solid construction.
  • It exhibits absolutely no sign of failure.
  • It requires installation in your attic i.e. indoors.
  • The Systemair HP 190 radon fan runs continuously.
  • Its expected life turns out to be around 5 to 10 years.
  • The radon mitigation fan makes a very quiet operation.
  • This radon mitigation fan is sturdy, silent, and trustworthy.
  • You can install the product without any problems with its straightforward connection instructions.



What’s not good?

There are mixed reviews of the product when it comes to the aspect of life expectancy. Some people have experience of the fan working for more than 15 years. But on the other hand, a few people experienced the fan operating not even for 2 years. So, I suggest making better research of the same and choose your radon mitigation fan accordingly.

About systemair

Systemair is the parent company Alliance of Fantech being its strength and stability. The organization has a global network of about 58 subsidiaries on four continents making it one of the largest air movement companies worldwide. It operates on the core values of simplicity as well as reliability. Systemair has the business concept of developing, manufacturing, and marketing only high-quality ventilation products.

Systemair makes sure to keep their customers in focus and operate accordingly. Their aim is to be observed as a company people can rely on.  They emphasize on all the important aspects of delivery, reliability, availability along with assuring the quality of products.

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Brand Name
Product Name
Systemair HP 190 Radon Mitigation Fan
USD 100
Product Availability
Available in Stock

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