Accustar Alpha Track Radon Test Kit AT 100 Review from Amazon:Upd 2024

AccuStar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 Review: Radon Gas Testing

Here we bring to you AccuStar’s user–friendly and greatest home radon detector kit ALPHA TRACK TEST KIT AT–100 Review, to develop, maintain and sustain a happy, healthy, and safe environment for you, your family, and your friends.

What Is The Alpha Track Test Kit At 100?

AccuStar’s Alpha Track Test Kit AT–100 is used for long-term radon gas testing. This long-term test provides a better depiction of the radon concentration over different seasons and building conditions in your home environment. The radon exposure time to the Alpha Track device is typically between 3 to 12 months and this kit is a small packet big bang kind of a device.
This kind of electrochemical system was found superior to chemically etched alpha track radon detectors.

Accuser Alpha Track Test Kit At 100 Radon Gas Test Kit -Product Specification :

TYPERadon gas testing kit (diffusion based track detector)
POWERElectrochemical etching process
MANUAL/ AUTOMATICManual test kit
WARRANTY1 year warranty against system failure

How Does Alpha Track Radon Test Kit At 100 Work?


Alpha Track Test Kit AT–100 had been originally designed in 1986 and is a diffusion-based radon track detector. Each detector is given a unique barcode and is sealed inside an airtight pouch with two data sheets to be filled for sending back the device for the test.
It basically strains out the dust and radon progeny through a structural filter that is an integral part of the house resulting in increased sturdiness. Alpha Track Test Kit AT–100 has an improved design with a hemispherical base. This base type is designed to maximize sensitivity and create a more uniform track distribution for better statistics.
You need to place the kit in the lowest living level of your house, the reason being that radon levels are the highest in the levels closer to the ground. After the long-term exposure to the air for about 3 to 12 months, you would have to ship this kit back to AccuStar Labs for the results. Fill in the details on the documents provided with this device, seal it in the prepaid shipping envelope, and send it back to the lab. The utmost accurate test results would be available to you within 8 to 10 business days.


Specifications Alpha Track Radon Test Kit At 100

·        Barcode is readable.
·        Twin removable serial labels.
·        Clear read pouch reducing serial errors.
·        Electrochemical etching for a better track.
·        Large foil area counted for better statistics.
·        Hemispherical base for better track distribution.
·        Rough structural filter for both indoor and outdoor use.
·        Electrically conducting housing reduces charge effects and clustering.
·        Alpha Track Test Kit AT–100 are counted with computer-aided image analysis equipment.

Benefit Of Using Alpha Track Test Kit At–100

·        No.1 rating by a leading National Consumer Advocacy Group
·        U.S. EPA verified product
·        Accurate radon measurement



What’s Not Good

·        Requires a year-long exposure
·        You will have to send back the device to get the results
·        Testing for the results may also take about 10 days to revert

Frequently Asked Questions for Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100

Q1.Do we have to pay any testing fee while the kit is back for testing?

Answer: No, it is included in the kit price.

Q2.Does the test outcome give you one number as an average or does it show you how the number deflects over the course of the month?

Answer: The lowest exposure for the AccuStar Alpha Track test is 90 days up to the highest exposure of 365 days (one year). The test results will provide the overall average of the length of time of exposure. It will not indicate the deviation levels during this time frame.

Q3.How do we begin with the testing process?

Answer: There are no additional steps required to start the test. Simply taking out the device from the clear plastic packaging starts the test. No extra steps are needed.

Q4.What should one avoid doing while measuring radon with this testing device?

The test should be performed under normal living conditions. The temperature is within the range of 50-90 degrees and the humidity should possibly range from 20-75 percent. The device will not calibrate outside of these test conditions and AccuStar Labs cannot report the result to you. As far as humidity is concerned,  in the home being tested always keep in mind, the lower the better. If you see the area that you are testing as very damp or moist then you should not test until it dries out.

Do not test in a kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, crawl space, furnace room, hallway, elevator shaft, stairwell, or closet.

Q5.Should I be careful about where I store an alpha track device before I use it?

Answer: Yes. Alpha track devices should be stored in conditioned space. Refrain from keeping the alpha track devices in your vehicle because extreme temperatures could affect their sensitivity.

Q6.Do I need my serial or device numbers to get results?

Answer: Yes, you do. In order for AccuStar to maintain the privacy of their customers, they request they keep a copy of your device numbers. If you contact the lab for test results without your device numbers you will be redirected to the company you purchased your kit from to obtain the device numbers.

About Accustar

Professional Radon Laboratory Services Since 1984. AccuStar is the only laboratory in the United States providing accurate and easy–to–use radon testing products along with radon training programs for professionals. It’s the only company to use electrochemical designs to process its alpha track foils. AccuStar, along with RadonAway, is the world’s leading manufacturer of radon fans is a brand of Spruce Environmental Technologies and is a pioneer in the radon industry for over 15 years. Their products and laboratories are NRSB and NEHA certified. They are also licensed in all the states that have such requirements

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