Whistler Radar and Laser Detector CR90 Review- Must Check 2024

Avoiding Speeding tickets to keep your driving record clean should be the priority of any driver. But, keeping an eye on the speedometer while carefully driving is a little bit difficult and drivers may over speed a little bit. Well, overspeeding is most of the time unintentional but still attracts a speeding ticket from the local police department. If you are willing to avoid speeding tickets, it’s always advised to use a powerful radar detectors device like the Whistler CR90 Radar and Laser Detector. The Whistler CR90 is considered one of the most potent Radars and Laser Detectors from the house of Whistler Electronics.




Whistler Radar and Laser Detector CR90 Review from Amazon: Updated 2024

Product Details of Whistler CR90 Radar and Laser Detector Device

Product NameWhistler CR90
Product Dimensions2.9 x 1.2 x 4.5 inches
Product Weight11.2 ounces
Product Reviews4 Star
Power RequirementIntellicord Powercord

Features of Whistler CR90 Radar and Laser Detector Device

  • The Whistler CR90 comes with the Audio Alarm feature, which helps you to get noticed before you reach the Speeding checkpoint. The Audio Alarm Feature is combined with the Visual Alarm, so you’ll see two alarms at the same time warning you of the nearest Radar source.
  • Whistler Electronics provides regular updates, which include the software update for the Radar Detection sensors, Audio Alarms, and also GPS data of the already detected speeding checkpoints.
  • The CR90 Radar Detector comes with an inbuilt GPS. When you pair the GPS technology with the Radar Detectors, there is nothing better than the love story of these two technologies. The CR90 has the GPS, which records the detected Speeding checkpoints on the Map and then other drivers, who are using the same radar detectors get to know about the detected checkpoints on their devices. Well, Whistler Electronics collects the data recorded by the device and then pushes it to their new devices and to the older devices as they update.
  • Also, the GPS helps the device to filter the false alarm warnings that may trigger due to conflicting signals. The use of GPS improves the overall detection capacity of the CR90 Radar and Laser Detector.
  • The best thing I found about the CR90 is that it has 360 Degree Laser Speeding machine protections. It has Laser finding diodes, which instantly warn you when Police Officer tracks your car using the Laser Speed Checking machine. Well, you have to react when the Laser Detection Warning alarm triggers quickly.
  • On the detection of the Radar source, the Blue LED light on the CR90 Radar Detector lights up. The Brightness of the light indicates the range of the source and how near you are to the Radar Source. Also, the Voice Alarm suggests the detection of Radar or Laser Checkpoints.
  • The Whistler CR90 Radar and Laser Detector are capable of detecting radar and laser sources from far range. The CR90 detector has a success rate of over 90%, which is far from better than any radar detector device. The CR90 can detect almost all of the major Radar bands like K, Ka, and X bands used by the Police Department.


Pros and Cons of Whistler Radar and Laser Detector CR90


1. The warranty of the manufacturer consists of two years.
2. Effective GPS technology
3. Newest Features with a Budget-Friendly Price
4. High-Contrast OLED Text Display

1. Lack of Community Sharing.

2. Lack of Over-Speed Alert

Final Words | Review of Whistler CR90 Radar and Laser Detector

According to my experience, the Whistler CR90 is one of the best Radar and Laser Detectors considering the features. Radar and Laser detection are the core features, and the device makes the proper use of the sensors in detecting 90% of the radar and laser sources. The inclusion of GPS technology and regular updates gives users the upper hand over the other brands in the market. The Whistler CR90 Radar and Laser Detector are available on Amazon.