Fantech HP 2190 Radon Mitigation Fan (4.5″ Duct & 163 CFM) Reviews : Upd 2024

Here we bring to you Fantech HP 2190 Radon Fan Review. Fantech HP 2190 Radon Fan is user-friendly and commercial radon ventilation fan Fantech HP 2190 Radon Fan Reviews for tailor-made performance needs and increased versatility.

Fantech HP 2190 Radon Mitigation Fan (4.5″ DUCT & 163 CFM) Reviews

What Is Fantech HP 2190 Radon Removal Fan?

HP Series Inline Fantech HP Radon 2190 Fan is a standard and commercial radon mitigation fan. It is ideally designed to meet all your mitigations along with better performance catering to a majority of radon mitigation requirements.


How does Fantech HP 2190 Radon Removal Fan work?

The basic idea of the Fantech HP 2190 radon mitigation fan is to use your home’s sump hole along with the drain tile. This creates an airflow through the soil leading the Radon gas away from your basement before it actually finds its way inside the house. So fundamentally you are pulling the air through the soil and not venting the indoor atmosphere.


Specifications  Of Fantech HP 2190 Radon Removal Fan

Brand Name Fantech
Model NumberHP 2190
Air Flow Capacity163.0 cubic_feet_per_minute
Included ComponentsDuct
Power Source Type8.00 corded-electric 1
Specification Metcertified frustration-free
UNSPSC Code39122200

Other Specifications  Of Fantech Hp 2190 Radon Removal Fan

  • HP 2190 holds a 5-year warranty.
  • The CFM or the Air Flow Capacity is 163.
  • It is 100% enclosed for assured protection.
  • It is designed with UL-listed durable plastic.
  • HP 2190 is a UV-resistant radon mitigation fan.
  • This radon mitigation fan has a duct size of 4 inches.
  • The fan operates on a high-efficiency EBM motorized impeller.
  • It also is UL approved for mounting in wet locations like outdoors.
  • The radon mitigation fan is UL Listed for only commercial applications.

Benefits Of Using Fantech HP 2190 Radon Removal Fan

  • The average life expectancy of this product is around 7 to 10 years that too under continuous load.
  • The product is easy to use and comes with an easy-to-understand instructions manual.
  • The HP 2190 radon mitigation fan is totally enclosed for 100% protection.
  • It has an assured and automatic reset thermal overload security.
  • Its performance is suitable for smaller housing.
  • Functions absolutely noise-free.


What’s Not Good?

Only a few people noticed an intolerable vibration that this mitigation fan makes. But for the majority of the users, there wasn’t any problem relating to installation as well as its operation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fantech HP 2190 Radon Removal Fan – FAQs

Q1.Can you install a fan inside a dwelling?

Answer: Yes you can, just ensure all the areas are sealed.

Q2.Does this fan accompany the cord?

Answer:No, it does not have a cord.

Q3.Can the air be vented thru an exterior side wall, instead of venting thru the attic/roof?
Answer:Yes, for as much as the fan is located outside the structure and the discharge is placed high enough to satisfy the requirements of your local building code. 

Q4.Where do I connect the green wire of the cord?
Answer:You have to connect it to any metal screw in the termination box. That will effectively serve the purpose.

Q5.Does a radon fan suppose to run continuously?
Answer:Yes, it must run continuously in order to draw the radon gas outside. It is prepared to run 24/7.

Q6.Can this fan be mounted on the horizontal as well as the vertical?

 Answer:The fan must be mounted vertically to put up with moisture to flow properly.

Q7.Does the fan come with a warranty?
Answer:Yes, Fantech has a 5-year warranty on their fans!

About Fantech Company

It’s almost more than 3 decades that Fantech has been researching, designing, and bringing to the market its assured ventilation solutions. All the products by the company ensure the better indoor air quality in all the buildings where people work and live. They operate in the USA and Canada and two of its facilities have an ISO 9001 certification. The organization is so successful and well known for its products that they assert making a radon mitigation fan every 2 minutes.