About us


Radon Gas Detector Reviews is a website dedicated to reviewing the products that are pretty important for HVAC technicians and others. We at Radon Gas Detector provide in-depth reviews and our opinion on all of the available products in the market that you might buy. 

My name is  Joshua Johnson, and I am the Man behind this Blog. I’ve some experience in the same industry, and that’s why I have knowledge about HVAC and other hardware tools. After working in the industry, I realized that I am more efficient at sharing knowledge. That’s why I decided to start this blog and share the resources for newbies and enthusiasts. 

We started by sharing only the information and reviews about the Radon Gas Detectors for HVAC technicians. But after gathering more knowledge, I shared some about the Radiation detectors, Electromagnetic field detectors, and also the Burners. Well, there is a lot more to share on every topic, and I will try my best to share about the same. Thanks for visiting my Blog and this About section to learn about my story. 

Our Team

#1 – Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson-Author

Joshua Johnson is an experienced and Retired HVAC technician and also the Founder of this Blog. He loves to share information on HVAC tools and techniques. Not just that, he considers himself as a Learner and not an expert in the field. He loves to hike in the mountains when not working on this Blog. 

#2 – Vishesh 

Vishesh is a contributing writer on our Blog. He is a great HVAC technician and also runs his own company. Vishesh is only 25 years old and still has immense knowledge in the field. Being too young, he loves to do strenuous activities like Mountain climbing, Paragliding, and Bungee jumping on a regular basis.