Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Gas Monitor Detector Review:2024

Welcome to your Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Detector review. We want you to know all of the important information about this advanced radon tester so that you can decide whether or not it is the product for you.

We will share with you all of the main benefits of the Radon Eye RD200 in this review. You will also be able to see what the customers of this product thought about it. We have tested the RD200 thoroughly and like all products, there are a number of pros and cons which we will also share.

Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor Detector Review: Upd 2024

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What is the Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Gas Detector?

The Radon Eye RD200 is an advanced technology radon gas detector that will monitor the levels of radon gas in your home on a continuous basis. You can view the results of the radon testing on an iOS or Android mobile device (smartphone or tablet) using Bluetooth communication technology.

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This is an active radon tester that has an advanced dual structure pulsed ion chamber. The product comes from FTLab in South Korea and the radon detection circuitry is very accurate. In fact, the RD200 is as much as 20 times more sensitive than competing active radon detectors.

The Radon Eye is a lightweight and compact radon tester that only weighs 8.5 ounces. The testing unit measures 3.1 inches by 3.1 inches by 4.7 inches. Two AA batteries are required to maintain power to the log file when the tester is unplugged from the mains power. The RD200 has a cylindrical design made from durable plastic.

Once you start to use the device to monitor radon levels in your home you will have the first reliable results in less than an hour. The Radon Eye RD200 will update the results every ten minutes and provide a one-hour moving average. You get real-time radon gas test results with the RD200.

Our tests showed that the RD200 produced accurate results. The manufacturers claim an accuracy level of less than plus or minus 10%. This radon detector will provide results in the range of 0.1 to 99.99 pCi/L. You will need to plug the RD200 into a standard electrical outlet to use it with the supplied 12-volt adapter.

When you purchase the Radon Eye RD200 tester you will need to download the appropriate app for your mobile device. For iOS devices visit the Apple App Store and for Android, you will find the app on Google Play.


How to use the Radon Eye RD200 Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Gas Detector

To obtain the most accurate readings from any radon gas detector you need to ensure that all doors and windows in the room where you are testing are closed. Place the Radon Eye RD200 on a convenient table or shelf and then plug it in. It is very important that the RD200 is not disturbed while in operation. The detector will start automatically.

There is a digital display on the top of the RD200 and you will see a measured result appear there every ten minutes. When you first use the RD200 you will need to wait for around 60 minutes for the first truly accurate result. This is much quicker than some other radon testers that require between 24 and 48 hours to display the most accurate result.

The Radon Eye RD200 has a built-in safety threshold of 4 pCi/L and if the device detects higher levels of radon then an alarm will automatically sound. Download the app for your mobile device. Open the app and then connect to your Radon Eye RD200. You will see the current result displayed in the app.

You can change a few of the settings for the RD200 using the app. This radon detector will show the results in pCi/L for the United States market and Bq/m3 for other markets. It is easy to switch from one unit of measurement to the other. It is also possible to switch the automatic alarm on or off as well as adjusting the interval for the alarm to sound.

The RD200 generates a log file and you can access this via the app. You can load the data, save it on your device or delete the data. There is a maximum of 12 months worth of radon test data that you can analyze.

The app for the Radon Eye RD200 provides you with all the basic features you need to monitor radon levels, view averages over time, and provides easy-to-read graphs that show you how things have changed. We found it very easy to use the app and interpret what the data was telling us.


What the Customers thought of the Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor

FTLab has sold many Radon Eye RD200 testers throughout the world and it is available for purchase on Amazon and other websites. Most of the reviews left on these websites about the product are positive.

There are 77 reviews for the Radon Eye RD200 radon gas tester on Amazon. The product achieved a 4.2/5 star overall rating from these reviews. The RD200 scored well in the categories of accuracy, value for money, and ease of use.

From the total number of customer reviews, 64% of those customers that left a review awarded the Radon Eye RD200 a perfect 5/5 star rating. Another 18% of the reviewers gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Here is what some of the customers had to say about the Radon Eye RD200 (please note that these are summaries of actual customer reviews):

Very fast results – a lot of customers were really impressed with the fast results that the Radon Eye RD200 provides. They really appreciated the real-time measurements and the fact that you can see results very quickly after first using the tester.

The app provides great trend analysis – there were a number of positive comments about the associated app and the way that it provides graphical results for radon gas level trends. Customers liked the uncluttered interface with the app.

It is very reliable – a number of customers compared the results that they obtained from the RD200 with other high accuracy radon gas testers. They stated that the results were similar in every case and felt that the RD200 was accurate and reliable.

Very easy to use – a lot of the customers were complimentary about how easy it was to set up and use the RD200. Some customers remarked that they liked the fact there were no buttons or controls on the tester itself.

As with all products, there were a small number of negative reviews. Some people had received a unit that didn’t work and were able to exchange this for a new one. There were so few negative reviews for this radon tester.

What we liked about the Radon Eye RD200:

  • Very fast results
  • The data is accurate
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The app is useful and uncomplicated


What we didn’t like about the Radon Eye RD200:

  • It can be a bit expensive


Final Verdict for Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor Detector 

We sincerely hope that you found this Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor Detector review informative and helpful. You now know the main benefits of owning this technologically advanced active radon tester and you can make the right purchase decision.

The Radon Eye RD200 tester was one of the best that we have ever reviewed. It was so easy to set up and those fast and accurate results were very impressive. The app is good as well and you can see at a glance the recent history of the radon gas levels in your home.

Everybody should have an active radon gas tester in their home to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of radon. An active continuous tester is a more sensible investment than using short-term radon gas test kits or calling out radon gas professionals for an expensive one-off test.

It is essential that your active radon gas tester provides fast and accurate results and warn you if the radon levels become dangerously high. The Radon Eye RD200 does all of these things very well and it has the added advantage of working with an app so you can keep your eye on those important trends.

We strongly recommend the Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor Detector and we are confident that you will never regret purchasing it. You can check out the latest price of this advanced radon tester here.