Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews Amazon: Top 10 (2024)

We have worked really hard to bring you one of the best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews. You won’t find these elsewhere. These are pretty extensive and contain all the information you’ll need to make the right purchasing decision. Since there are several wood-burning fireplace inserts available online as well as offline, it gets a lot easier when you have the right information to choose a product.

To make this wood-burning fireplace insert review the very best, we’ve enlisted the top 10 wood-burning fireplace inserts after thorough research. All the products are currently available on Amazon. But, why choose Amazon? In the age of all things online, there’s no harm in buying products from popular websites like Amazon. You’ll often get deals and discounts that aren’t even available at stores. Plus, the prices are comparatively cheaper for a lot of products. The services are excellent along with secure checkout.

For all of the wood-burning fireplace inserts in our top 10 list, we have also provided the advantages as well as the disadvantages. We took into account the views of the customers that purchased these products which reflect in our ratings too.

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Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews Amazon: Upd 2024

Our Rating


EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Insert

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Drolet 60,000 BTU EPA-Certified Escape Fireplace Wood Insert

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


R.W.FLAME 36" Electric Fireplace Insert (Editor’s Choice)

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


Ashley Furniture Signature Design

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


PuraFlame 33" Western Electric Fireplace Insert

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood Stove

3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Insert w/ Heater

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT 36" Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


SKY1826 Embedded Fireplace Electric Insert Heater

3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

What Is A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert?

Fireplaces remind us of wintery nights, soothing music, binge-watching Netflix, family time, hot chocolate milk, and those gentle wood crackling sounds. It’s an incomparable feeling. There’s no comfort and warmth like this! The time you spend is priceless. However, traditional fireplaces aren’t too effective. Quite literally, they exhaust more energy than what they create.

Therefore, to cover up the modern-day advancements along with what’s already in use, top-rated wood-burning fireplace inserts come into play. These are energy as well as cost-efficient offering supplemental heat that circulates and stays in every nook and corner.

But, exactly what is a wood-burning fireplace insert? Coming straight to the point – Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts are fittings that are like wooden stoves modified to equip themselves within the masonry fireplace. The outer covering of the firebox ensures that the heat delivers only into the room and doesn’t get stuck into the masonry structure.

Your existing fireplace in itself isn’t capable enough to work efficiently. But, a fireplace insert is. It’s a wonderful addition to your house. In fact, it is like fitting a new stove into the masonry structure to heat your home.

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert is the new age furnace. Essentially, it’s a box that holds up all the required components to make your fireplace work. Inserts do not just act as decorative pieces but these are much more functional as well as safe. Having their pros and cons, several brands rule the marketplace and bring out their particular fireboxes following public demand. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying one, consider our buying guide and check out our Top 10 Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews to make an informed purchase decision.

Different Types of Fireplace Inserts

From small to big, less efficient to most efficient – all of the wood-burning fireplace inserts fall under the following six categories. Depending on brands or technological changes, the varieties might differ. But, these are the most common types of fireplace inserts:



Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric variants are really popular. These are safe to use, cost-effective as well as imitate the traditional fireplace. Electric fireplaces are designed keeping in mind the changing trends along with a user’s suitability. The appliance plugs into a normal power outlet to warm up around 400 square feet of the surrounding area. It provides supplemental heat with a flame-like effect rather than the actual log-burning functionality. Efficiency is maintained, workability is easy and there’s no hassle of constant clean-up. But then, you certainly cannot compare real flames to the ones created electronically. Such inserts are multi-purpose as well as expensive. However, from a customer’s point of view, electric fireplace inserts are much better in terms of technology, style along with their functionality.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

The pellet stove offers flames that look similar to a real log-burning fire. Such a hearth is easier to maintain and the appliance burns clean. Just the ashtray needs cleaning every few days. And, whenever you need, refill the pellet. That’s it!

Wood Fireplace Inserts

The wood-burning fireplace inserts offer you that traditional fire-and-log experience. So, you will have to get the logs, start the fire and clean up the remaining ash.

1. Natural Gas Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts that operate on natural gas are more convenient as well as clean. A gas line that connects to the nozzle inside the fire, lights up the flames.

Now, this comes in two variants – vented as well as non-vented. The former helps expel harmful gases from your home and pull more oxygen from the external surroundings. However, the latter one does not support an outlet for ventilation and isn’t able to restrict the harmful combustion that might be developing inside your home. But, these certainly provide more heat along with getting rid of unnecessary combustion fumes.

2. Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

These kinds of fireplace insert burn clean blue flames to perfectly blend with your room’s decor. Ethanol is a fairly new technology in the fireplace segment. It provides lesser heat than gas-based fireplace inserts. However, it’s environment-friendly and also enhances your room’s aesthetics. You just need to be very careful while refilling since ethanol is flammable.

3. Wall Mount Fireplace Inserts

As the name suggests, wall-mounted fireplaces are designed in a manner to remain suspended in the air. These hang from a wall similar to how a portrait hangs. The firebox does not occupy much space which is why it’s getting increasingly popular. The occupied floor space is zero. Therefore, the insert is well known for better aesthetics. Its technology is similar to how our air conditioners are fitted.

Wall-mounted fireboxes come in various shapes, colors as well as sizes. The installation is pretty easy but the prices can differ. However, these generally are a bit expensive.

Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews From Amazon: Top 10 (Updated 2024)

Fireplace inserts massively change the look as well as the feel of your home. In fact, they allow a particular corner to become the most important one. So, if you already have a fireplace but haven’t used it, a fireplace insert can help restore the space. Bring home a fireplace fixture that adds liveliness as well as warmth. These aren’t permanently built but are temporary inserts that are customized keeping in mind the particular needs of a customer along with the available provision (existing fireplace).

Therefore, scan through our wood-burning fireplace insert reviews to buy authentic items right from the manufacturer. Moreover, buying these from Amazon ensures hassle-free delivery along with additional discounts. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews …



1. EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Review

One of the best and most efficient wood-burning fireplace inserts is Napoleon EPI-1402P. The equipment is reliable and fully functional. It depends solely on your home’s internal power system to persistently provide you with even heating. The entire system is environment-friendly and has been preferred by several users for many years. Thousands of units have been sold in Canada and the US alone.



Taking off the specs, this unit radiates luxurious heat that too at a minimal cost. Every feature is carefully designed to provide you with evenly circulated warmth, and quiet operation along with ensuring affordability. The EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Insert is one of the best on Amazon for the year 2023. It comes with a dual blower system, rheostat control, choicest colors, lightweight fiber baffle, and one size that can nearly fit all the areas of the house. As per the best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews on Amazon, this one doesn’t even have any negative comments. What else would one want?


  • Reliable and Premium Unit.
  • Runs on Internal Power.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Non-catalytic designing.
  • Luxurious heat.
  • 2000 sq. ft. heating area.
  • Large viewing glass.
  • Achieves low emissions.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Well, Insulated tubes.
  • Stainless steel covering plate.
  • Medium-sized.
  • The price is a little High


EDITOR’S NOTE: The quality of this model is pretty advanced making it a high-end product. On just a single load, the insert is capable of working 9 hours straight. It appropriately meets the EPA standards. Also, this particular model has seen considerable improvement over the years. The EPI-1402P distributes even heat in the house and it’s ideal for an area like the living room. The model’s a medium-sized variant which is pretty distinct from other similar products in terms of functionality. We can’t recall any downsides of this top-rated wood-burning fireplace insert. Customers have been using the same for decades and almost low to no defects are observed. Fans are quiet, the insert emits no smoke and it’s durable.

2. Drolet Escape 60,000 BTU EPA-Certified Fireplace Wood Insert Review

The Drolet Escape 60,000 BTU EPA-Certified Fireplace Wood Insert is a high-quality variable speed model. It evenly heats up to 1600 sq. ft. in the surrounding area and is, therefore, a higher efficiency product.



The fireplace provides cleaner emissions, it is brick-lined and is made up of cast iron. Moreover, each and every venting component is of premium quality stainless steel which is ideal for non-commercial use. The product is capable of pulling out a lot of heat and can easily fit even your existing fireplace. Drolet Escape 60,000 BTU EPA-Certified fireplace wood insert boasts of a quick installation. With a 6-hour burning time, the heat is luxurious as well as long-lasting. Hence, it’s a value-for-money product.



  • 60,000 BTU warmth.
  • Cleaner emissions.
  • Stainless steel vent equipment.
  • EPA-Certified.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Trendy looking.
  • Clear viewing glass.
  • 1600 sq. ft. heating coverage.
  • Expensive.
  • Lesser burn time.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This one’s a fantastic insert. It evenly warms up the surroundings and maintains the temperature for up to 6 hours. The size of the product is great, performance is high-class, functionality is up to the mark and functioning is noise-free.  Being light in weight we find this product amongst the most efficient wood-burning fireplace inserts.

3. R. W. FLAME 36″ Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews: Editor Choice 

Being available in six different sizes, this wood-burning fireplace insert comes in multi-operational modes. The flame has 5 level brightness setting and the entire design is automatic. Also, there’s a timer control along with a sleep mode that dims the light even while heating.



It’s an energy-saving model that comes with 2 heat settings (750W and 1500W) to warm up to 400 sq. ft area. The design is fashionable and will suit every home decor. The burner is ETL approved, fire & ice flame operates automatically, infrared heat maintains natural humidity and it creates a dreamlike ambiance. Tempered glass ensures 100% safety. The model does not require a chimney fixture. Plus, the brick wall design makes it fully functional. Since it’s a complete package, you can totally buy this product. Not only is it apt for your winter needs, but it also brings out the beauty of your room. And, who really wouldn’t like that? The R. W. FLAME touchscreen electric fireplace insert is undoubtedly an Amazon Choice product.



  • Freestanding.
  • Colorful Flame Option.
  • Touch Screen.
  • Timer.
  • Recessed Electric Stove Heater.
  • Remote Controlled.
  • Auto heat kills safety.
  • Sleep mode availability.
  • LED ice and fire flames.
  • 5-level flame speed and brightness.
  • Durable & easy to install.
  • Not too futuristic in design.
  • Slight buzzing sound.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The USP (unique selling point) of the R. W. FLAME touch screen electric fireplace insert is its automatic mode functionality along with the super cool colorful flames. These highlights give your room an amazing ambiance that feels positive, warm, and also modern. It is an affordable purchase that will also fit into your winter requirements. The build is sturdy and the product is made from stainless steel. It is ideal to be fitted in your living room. The customer service is fantastic and you’ll not be disappointed.

4. AshleyFurniture Signature Design Infrared Fireplace Insert

Signature Design by Ashley Furniture is a remote-controlled hassle-free fireplace insert that safely provides you with a six-level heating mechanism. The model comes with an adjustable thermostat along with a 5-level brightness setting and an LED flame that looks realistic. The heating is ideal for medium-sized rooms. To be precise, it can heat up to 400 sq. ft. area. You can easily fit it into the entertainment center area without any effort required in terms of installation. Overall, it’s a lightweight product that has a zillion positive aspects.



It is a metal body fireplace insert that’s durable for long-term use. The model is a plug-in blower that comes with infrared technology. Upon reaching the desired room temperature, it cuts out the excess heat which saves the unit from overheating. This in turn also helps you look after the overall safety concerns. For that added effect, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Infrared Fireplace Insert makes a crackling sound to give you that perfect feel of a real-time fireplace. Isn’t it amazing?



  • High performance.
  • Infrared fireplace insert.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Affordable.
  • Great size.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Durable.
  • Trendy design.
  • Ideal for everyday usage.
  • 400 sq. ft. heating area.
  • Sometimes the heating doesn’t feel too strong.


EDITOR’S NOTE: To become one of the best-selling brands takes immense courage, innovation as well as the ability to bring forward what the customers demand. Amongst the best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews, we are reviewing the top-rated products that make your life easier. The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Infrared Fireplace Insert is a quality model. And, it does exactly what it’s made for. There’s effortless assembly, the remote comes included and coverage is about 400 sq. ft. Moreover, there’s a touchscreen display for better convenience. The flame brightness is adjustable; the power cord comes included and the product’s low on maintenance. The product comes directly from the manufacturer and it’s an absolute combination of safety, style along utmost performance.

5. PuraFlame 33″ Western Electric Fireplace Insert Review

No matter which fireplace wood-burning inserts you’d like to purchase, the PuraFlame 33″ Western Electric Fireplace Insert is pretty different. The moment winter chills kick in; the fireplace is the most used corner in the house. However, the more you use it, the more charges it may incur. But, this product is just perfect. The unit functions noise-free is energy efficient, well equipped as well as affordable.



The PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert comes with all the necessary features including temperature control settings, quick accessibility, high precision heating, and remote-controlled access. There’s no need for gas or oil to operate this unit. It has a polished and appropriately welded 3-sidewall design. All such specifications make the unit one of the best wood-burning fireplace inserts.



  • Remote controlled.
  • 400 sq. ft. heating area.
  • Doesn’t need oil or gas.
  • Three-level brightness setting.
  • LED-supported housing.
  • Polished wall design.
  • No hissing or cracking sounds.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Easy to install, easy to use.
  • Not so durable.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The PuraFlame 33″ Western Electric Fireplace Insert makes use of LED technology for lighting the flame which helps save maximum energy. The unit comes with life-size logs and variable flame intensity. Temperature control is efficient with an adjustable thermostat to extend heat in up to 400 sq ft surrounding area. The unit is easy to operate, easy to install, and also uncomplicated in terms of uninstalling. To complete the design, a three-sided brick wall setup is also present. The remote control allows you to manage and monitor the settings from anywhere in the room.

6. Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert Review

Marked as Amazon’s Choice product, the Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe Insert is a 1375-watt electric fireplace that’s also remotely controllable. It comes with a built-in fan, distributes heat evenly, is easy to install, and can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. Moreover, it’s lightweight, affordable as well as noise-free. The product looks realistic and is one is the best wood-burning fireplace inserts.



It’s a sophisticated and meticulously handcrafted electric fireplace that ensures a mess-free as well as a hassle-free wood-like burning warmth. With regards to electricity, the Dimplex DFI2310 is one of the most efficient woods burning fireplace inserts since it consumes only about 2 cents in one hour. Therefore, there’s no massive change in your monthly bills. The dimensions of the product are perfect and it can also fit into your existing fireplace. The unit is ideal for your living room and is easy to install. The pulsating LEDs add realism to the logs. Amongst the best and top-rated wood-burning fireplace insert reviews is the Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace which also comes under your budget and is high on performance. Quality is superb and the unit would keep running for a much longer time.



  • Realistic flames.
  • Built-in fan.
  • Evenly distributed heat.
  • Easy to install.
  • Full, half, and flame-only heat.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • LED technology.
  • Affordable.
  • Creates a positive ambiance.
  • Lesser heating area.
  • Not so durable.
  • Slight humming sound.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Being a great source of supplemental heat, the Dimplex DFI2310 is an amazing Wood Burning Fireplace Insert. It’s a compact as well as cost-effective and noise-free heating equipment. The insert gives a realistic feel despite the LED flames. But, that’s what makes it green and environment-friendly. It warms up around 400 sq. ft. of the surrounding area. The installation process is smooth and hassle-free. The equipment comes with an out-of-the-box design, retrofitted pulsating LED flames, and doesn’t need a chimney. Kids or pets can also be around this electric fireplace since it ensures 100% safety. However, the unit can be prone to falling if not fitted properly. And, it isn’t that durable for long-term usage (at least that’s what we’ve observed).

7. Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood Stove Review

This one’s a heavy-duty wood-burning fireplace insert. The unit runs undisturbed for about 8 hours and even after you shut it off, the warmth can be felt. The viewing glass is transparent and is well insulated to suit those long working needs. The build is quite sturdy which makes it ideal for home use. Installation can be a bit tedious but considering the overall functionality, it’s high performance as well as a durable product.



The handles remain cool, the EPA rating secures user safety and high power ensures long-term as well as short-term usage. Furthermore, cast iron makes it ideal for even rugged use. Amongst the best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews, this one’s a sure-shot decision-maker. Since it also secures a great position on Amazon, it’s a well-deserving product.


  • Heavy-duty product.
  • High performance.
  • 1800 sq. ft. heating area.
  • Lightweight unit.
  • Best home use fireplace insert.
  • Low emission hourly output.
  • Expensive.


EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are looking for one of the best home-use wood-burning fireplace inserts, try the Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood Stove. It’s an ideal heating unit with just the right combination of affordability as well as efficiency. The insert is light in weight but heavier in terms of the value it provides. Also, to let the unit stay cool comes the reinforced steel plate that ensures even more convenience.

8. Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Insert Review

Despite being an inexpensive electric fireplace insert, the Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 performs all the functions of a costly one. It is loaded with features yet comes at an affordable price. The fireplace insert gives you real-like flame effects along with supplemental heat that keeps you warm all day long. The product has a pretty sturdy built and is designed in a manner to even fit into your existing fireplace area. You can view the flames with or in fact without turning the heat on. It comes with a fully functional remote control that lets you operate the unit with even more ease. The heating coverage area is 400 sq. ft. operating at about 10 cents per hour of an estimate.



The Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 is a no-mess no smoke product – these two features make the product environment-friendly. It’s a plug-and-play fireplace insert that creates an enjoyable ambiance. The flames stay steady and can also be switched over for a pulsating effect. You can adjust the brightness and get it to five different levels. However, if you are sensitive to minor hissing or buzzing sounds, this equipment is not the one for you! Why? We have observed that the unit is prone to creating a certain level of sounds with prolonged use. But, it fades away into the background or you might just get used to the hissing sound while performing your house chores.

The product doesn’t overheat although the area around the vent feels hot to the touch after a few hours. However, the safety standard has been maintained. There’s no difficulty in installing the equipment since the setup is quite easy – get it out of the box, place it in your preferred area, plug it in, and turn it on. It’s as simple as ABC. The unit also features that much-needed wood crackling sound for that added realism – a specification available in high-end models.



  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable flame brightness.
  • Plugin and switch on design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Durable & sturdy built quality.
  • 400 sq. ft. heating coverage area.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Can operate with/ without heat.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Can be fit into the existing fireplace too.
  • Noticeable sounds.
  • Get a bit hot.
  • Difficult controls.
  • Plastic body.


EDITOR’S NOTE: To utilize the dead space in your home, bring in this affordable as well as trendy Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Insert. It is fully functional as a wood-burning fireplace insert and is also all-automatic. The unit is inexpensive but contains all the upscale features. Effortless installation, doable dimensions, up-to-the-mark price range as well as effective heating makes it great. However, some users do complain of a hissing sound. It may even take up to an hour or two to fully heat the surrounding area if, for instance, the unit is installed in a medium-sized living room. But, the unit doesn’t incur high electricity costs. On the contrary, your monthly billing depends upon the number of hours you’re using the heater since it operates at 1500 watts.

9. ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT 36″ Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert Review

If you’re in that part of the world where winters are the only constant, then we are sure you understand the importance of keeping all geared up to deal with the winter chills. Therefore, to save you from the freezing cold no matter where you live, the ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT pretty much does the job! It is an electric fireplace that comes with a traditional log-burn design. The functioning is remote-controlled and is accompanied by a wall-mounting adjustable thermostat. The front glass is fixed and tempered which makes it sturdy.



The insert’s super amazing flame effect gives you year-round satisfaction. Plus, the brightness is also adjustable. This fireplace wood-burning insert heats up to 800 sq. ft. of the area and is auto-shut enabled. The timed shut-off is enabled from 30 minutes to about 9 hours. We hope this best wood-burning fireplace insert review helps you make the right purchase decision.


  • Remote controlled.
  • Timer enabled.
  • Wall mounting thermostat.
  • 5-level brightness settings.
  • 800 sq. ft. heating area.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Sturdy frontal glass.
  • Powerful.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Sophisticated and comfortable.
  • A little noisy.
  • Not so durable.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT is an exquisite and one of the most efficient woods burning fireplace inserts. It is aptly designed to turn those gloomy days bright and warm. The unit is remotely controlled for even more convenience. The remote is multi-functional to effectively control the equipment’s temperature, the flame is adjustable to 5 different levels and the heat distribution is appropriate for the home environment. The external, as well as internal design, employs state-of-the-art technology which makes the product absolutely in tune with the ambiance. You will not be disappointed buying this real-looking fireplace insert since it gives you a traditional fireplace kind of experience.

10. SKY1826 Embedded Fireplace Electric Insert Heater Reviews

As the name suggests, Best Choice Products’ electric heater is amongst the best and most realistic fireplace inserts. It is a feature-rich unit that also comes with a modern design. The setup is hassle-free, instructions are easy to follow, it is remote-controlled, and comes with dual heat settings. You also get five different brightness settings. Both the exteriors, as well as interiors of the unit, are trendy.


The built quality is sturdy to effectively prevent overheating or any physical damage. And, not to forget the unit also comes with an adjustable intensity setting. This is a vent-free fireplace that’s remote controlled as well as CSA certified. Log flame comes in 5-level brightness settings without causing any overheating issues. It is easy to turn on or off and comes with a modern look to support your house décor. Manual installation instructions are also included and the product can be used all year round.


  • Adjustable heat and brightness settings.
  • No overheating issues.
  • Dual heat settings.
  • No external setup tools are required.
  • Easy installations.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Metallic body.
  • Not so durable.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a high-performance, realistic-looking wood-burning fireplace insert which comes with standard features. Each of the specifications ensures 100% quality. It’s an economical option. The fire effect is soothing and the product measurements are accurate. All the positive specs of this product make the reviewing experience all the more interesting. The equipment gives you a premium feel especially in comparison with other similar products.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts: Buying Guide

Wood-burning fireplace inserts are close-combustion fireboxes that are different from the zero-clearance manufactured fireplaces. A zero-clearance unit can be fit into a mantel cabinet or other such structures. But, the fireplace inserts go only into the traditionally built-in spaces (of course exceptions are always there). If you have decided what to buy and a fireplace insert suits your requirements, then do go through our Fireplace Insert Buying Guide. It will act as a helpful tool for you to find the insert which is as per your needs. The buying guide includes answers to all your questions related to fuel choice, size options, available styles, venting provisions market cost, and more.

Best Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts (Buying Guide)

1. Consider The Dimensions

Once you have decided which insert to purchase, make sure you are paying attention to details like its exact dimension. This literally needs to be the first and foremost aspect to consider. Since the insert has to be placed into your masonry fireplace, get the measuring tape, and note down those numbers. The height and width of the primary opening are important features. Another measurement you would require is the depth of the fireplace. You can also note the back wall dimensions which may or may not be required but it’s just additional information (and added info isn’t bad).

Since most inserts are designed to fit in any of the traditional fireplaces, you can choose the preferred model from Amazon. Check out our Top 10 best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews.

2. Understand The Types

Choose a model based on the common types of the best wood-burning fireplace inserts available on Amazon. The common types of fireplace inserts include electric, pellet stove, wood-burning, and gas fireplace inserts. Once you know the difference, it will help you make a better buying decision.

3. Pick The Right Style

There are again a few common styles including direct, natural, and vent-free, designs. Therefore, understand your preference and accordingly make the purchase.

4. Keep A Check On Your Budget

It is the size and features that affect the pricing of a product. But, it is also important to consider what your budget is. No matter what, make sure you shop according to the same.

Electric fireplaces somewhat cost between $200 and $800. The portable or log inserts may fall towards the cheaper side. However, wall mounts or mantle fireboxes cost you pretty high and can go as high as $1000 or more. Costing varies based on dimensions, shape, color, type, built quality, and the accompanying features.

5. Know The Settings

There are several technological features one can look out for or might wish to have in their firebox. Therefore, make sure to compare the features and get a hang of all the settings that your fireplace insert works on. For instance, auto shut on/ off, temperature control, lighting levels, or flame color change are a few settings certain fireplaces offer.

6. Check For Accessories

Do not hesitate on checking out what other accessories you’re getting with your fireplace insert and make sure you have those after purchasing. For instance, if your preferred fireplace insert can be wall-mounted, check if you are getting a stand or not. Else, it’ll be an added investment. Check out our top 10 wood-burning fireplace insert reviews and see what exactly you need.

7. Consider Aesthetics

Well, what’s the primary objective of a fireplace insert? To provide you warmth! But, any heater can do that. So, what might make you invest in an insert? Wood-burning fireplace inserts are all about their features as well as their aesthetical sufficiency. That’s what catches the attention! They add to the beauty of your room and enliven the atmosphere. Some of the models even come with modified flames that look realistic and turn on a pleasant glow.

Wood Burning VS. Gas Fireplace Inserts

Now that you’re sure of getting a fireplace insert, decide which type is suitable for you. There’s a wide variety out there, so making the right choice can at times get difficult. Here we list a differentiation along with the Pros and Cons of the two main popular types of fireplace inserts: Woodburning vs. Gas fireplace inserts.

For further information, you can also check out our Top 10 Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews (best products for the year 2023).

Coming to the types, several homeowners opt for gas-burning fireplace inserts. They look realistic, quickly heat the entire area, require low to no maintenance, and are of course convenient. Such inserts produce fewer emissions and are anytime better than the wood-burning variants. However, a wood-burning fireplace insert has its allure no matter how convenient others might seem. That crackling sound and the smoky smell of burning logs is an altogether different kind of experience.

Natural Gas Fireplace Insert:


  • These can easily be installed anywhere.
  • The inserts burn clean.
  • These are low maintenance.
  • These require a gas pipeline.
  • They do not leave any ashes or emit smoke.
  • The inserts also allow temperature control.
  • They light up the fire with a switch.
  • These are fuel-efficient.
  • Are available in various styles.
  • Have built-in fans to disperse heat better.


  • Frontal doors can get hot.
  • Natural gas fireboxes are expensive.
  • The gas costs are extra.
  • Vent-free variants aren’t allowed in certain areas like New York and California (due to environmental concerns)

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert:


  • These have traditionally been used.
  • They create a cozy environment.
  • They don’t require a gas line.
  • Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts blend better with the room’s aesthetics.
  • They give out a more homely feeling.


  • Installation can be time-consuming.
  • Fire cannot be left unattended
  • Takes time to light and heat up.
  • You’ll have to purchase wooden logs separately.
  • These are expensive.
  • These are less efficient than gas inserts.

How Do Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Work?

First of all, fireplace inserts are safe to use and a worthy investment. They provide you with what you want – supplemental heat as well as durability. Secondly, the inserts are time-saving. They let you explore the possibilities of decorating your house and moreover, they are also cost-effective. Coming to how a wood-burning fireplace insert works – here we tell you!


To produce the desired heat output and retain the charm, a fireplace insert is designed with utmost precision. It’s a fireproof box enclosed in cast iron (or steel) to maintain safety. Front doors are usually fixed and come with insulated self-cleaning glass to make the experience even more beautiful and comfortable. The closed combustion system is 70% – 80% more efficient than the traditional open combustion fireplaces. These take in the required amount of air from external sources to re-circulate the warmth and allow the air to escape through the duct. All of it ensures clean burning along with optimal heat efficiency based on whatever fuel source (natural gape, pellets, wood, or electronic) you opt for.

What Are The Advantages Of Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts?

A wood-burning fireplace insert makes an excellent investment. Why? Here are the advantages of a good wood-burning fireplace insert:

  • Wood-burning fireplace inserts are trendy.
  • Ones from recognized brands are even EPA-approved.
  • These are environment-friendly.
  • You can run the inserts all year long.
  • The fireplace inserts are also energy as well as cost-efficient.
  • You don’t have to rip off your pockets in the name of maintenance costs.
  • These quickly warm up your property and prevent any leakage.
  • The best wood-burning fireplace insert also adds to your home’s overall appearance as well as style.
  • When it comes to traditional fireplaces, you cannot get rid of them. However, that’s not the case with inserts. These offer great functionality.
  • An insert warms up your room throughout.
  • You have the advantage of choosing the model that best suits your requirements.
  • Installation is effortless.
  • The risk of accidents is minimal.
  • The frontal opening remains closed, thus, it helps in preventing any air leakage, unlike traditional fireplaces.
  • You are saved from toxic fumes due to zero emissions and an airtight door design.

Hence, it’s a great feeling to give a modern look to your personal space. The appliance makes everything seem perfect and in tune with your requirements!

What Is A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Used For?

The inserts are typically installed in your existing fireplace cavity. These are an environment-friendly alternative to the traditional log-burning design. The inserts also make use of a vent pipe to prevent losing heat. Having a wood-burning fireplace insert makes fewer to almost no emissions keeping the surrounding air clean. So, what’s a wood-burning fireplace insert used for? It has the following major functions:

  • Replace traditional masonry fireplaces
  • Cause lesser air pollution
  • Get more energy as well as cost-efficient
  • Ensure better safety
  • Work as a closed combustion chamber
  • Reduce the risk of fire accidents
  • Act as a compact alternative for existing fireplace hollows
  • To move forward with the advancing technologies
  • For convenience as well as ease
  • To add to your room’s decor
  • And, offer a protective design

What Is The Difference Between A Fireplace And A Fireplace Insert?

Traditional Fireplace

An open combustion system or the old-style fireplace is a masonry structure dug deep into one of your house’s walls to erect an opening. This creates a hollow space wherein you can stack and burn wooden logs to warm up the surrounding area. Such structures are constructed by builders to seamlessly connect with the flue along with the chimney for proper ventilation. Also, some people prefer fixing the glass doors to shut the space when it’s not in use or to prevent coming in contact with direct heat.

Fireplace Inserts

These are factory-built metallic fireboxes that are essentially designed to fit any house with or without the masonry structure. In a majority of cases, these are individually adjusted into the pre-existing fireplace cavity. The difference lies in the technology that fireplace inserts come with – these burn cleaner than traditional wood-burning fireplaces allowing zero emissions. Also, the frontal opening is sealed with high-quality non-inflammable glass which again prevents the toxic particles from entering your home environment.

The inserts look very much similar to the traditional open-combustion fireplaces. Yet, they are pretty much different. You can make out the variations at even a single glance. Inserts are versatile, fashionable, cost-effective, energy-efficient, convenient, add to the ambiance of a room and come with modern features.

Check out our top 10 best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews for more information on the available inserts. You can also check their Amazon reviews and prices for better comparison.

How To Use A Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert?

Start by loading the fuel through the doors facing your room interiors. Vents placed right below the doors or on the sides, help supply oxygen to the fire in the insert to burn. The same vents typically control the intensity of the fire. There are thick glass windows for ensured safety. In addition, fireplace inserts that come with a blower retain more efficiency with their double-wall design.

The vents pull the air from your room, get it into the chamber and push it back into the surroundings. With the help of an electric fan that’s mounted outside of the firebox, the blower comes into action when the room temperature starts decreasing. You simply fuel the insert, switch it on, and enjoy the fire! That’s how easy technology made things for you.

Popular Brands for Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Apart from all other considerations, it is also important to know which brand you are investing in. However, if you aren’t bothered about that, skip this section. But, if you care, let us tell you – there are a few trustworthy brands that offer reliable as well as durable products to meet the customer’s expectations.

Wood-burning inserts do not come in cheap. Therefore, the following brands are amongst the choicest ones:

  • Classic Flame
  • Dimplex
  • PuraFlame
  • Drolet
  • Napoleon
  • R. W. Flame
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Duraflame
  • Vogelzang
  • Best Choice Products

The above-mentioned brands offer the best-designed fireplace inserts. A majority of them ship directly from manufacturers all around the globe. So, for more details on particular units along with their guarantee/ warranty stats, built, wattage, dimensions, additional features, etc., check out our top 10 wood-burning fireplace insert reviews. These provide you with in-depth knowledge of which product to go for.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews: FAQ


Q1. Why should I purchase a wood-burning fireplace insert?

The problem with traditional fireplaces is that they are not energy efficient and produce smoke and fumes. With a fireplace insert, you can choose from different fuels to provide the heat that you need and these are energy efficient.

Modern fireplace inserts are very stylish and designed to fit into your existing fireplace cavity. They have a realistic wood-burning effect which adds to the ambiance of your room. Modern wood-burning fireplace inserts are environmentally friendly.

Q2. What are the different types of fireplace inserts?

Electrical fireplace inserts are popular since they are easy to install and do not require an external fuel source. Moreover, there is no maintenance with an electric fireplace insert.

There are fireplace inserts that work with fuel pellets and these burn cleanly. The only maintenance required is to replenish the pellets as well as empty the ashtray when the pellets have burned.

You can choose a fireplace insert that works with natural gas. This is again a clean-burning option that’s very efficient. A gas line has to be connected to the insert when it is set up. Therefore, choose the vented option so that you do not have harmful gas build-up in your home.

A new fireplace insert technology is ethanol. It is more environmentally friendly than natural gas. However, the heat output is not as good. You will have to keep refilling whenever required.

Q3. Which type of fireplace insert should I choose?

You need to consider a few things here. If you want the ease of installation as well as maintenance-free use, then an electric fireplace insert is the best option. If you go for a natural gas fireplace insert you will have to install a gas line. Thus, the pellet type is fairly easy but you have to keep investing in purchasing new pellets. Ethanol is new as well as energy-efficient.

Q4. Are fireplace inserts difficult to install?

No, they are usually easy to install. There are full installation instructions provided with a fireplace insert. So, you just need to follow those. Before purchasing a fireplace insert, carefully measure the space where it will be installed to ensure that it fits properly.

Q5. Do fireplace inserts look like real wood-burning fires?

You will be pleasantly surprised at how realistic most wood-burning fireplace inserts look. Of course, they aren’t exactly the same. However, they do come in pretty close.

Q6. Are fireplace inserts easy to use?

Yes, they are. You have fewer settings to work with. These include heat output (high or low), intensity as well as the brightness of the flame. So, it won’t take you very long to master the controls.

Final Words …

After extensive testing as well as comparisons, we found the EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Insert to be the top pick. It’s a well-designed fireplace insert that’s also efficient as well as economical to operate. It looks great and has a heating power of around 2,000 square feet. The Drolet Escape 60,000 BTU EPA-Certified Fireplace Wood Insert is also a good choice and has impressive heating control. We sincerely hope that you find this to be one of the best wood-burning fireplace insert reviews. We have compared numerous fireplace inserts to bring you the most comprehensive review possible. Since it’s important to buy the right wood-burning fireplace insert, we have provided the essential information to make the right choice.

In the end, we wish you good luck in purchasing your new wood-burning fireplace insert. Also, we sincerely hope this review helps you identify the best fireplace insert according to your needs.