Best Cobra Radar Detectors Review 2018: Best From Amazon

Best Cobra Radar Detectors Review 2018: Best From Amazon

The Cobra Electronics is the worldwide famous manufacturer of the best Radar Detectors. The Cobra Electronics started their journey approximately 50 years ago with the world’s first CB radio. From that time, the Cobra Electronics is working to extend their products range to help the drivers in their journey. The Cobra Radar Detectors are the most famous products from their range. Not just for the Car Drivers, but the Cobra Electronics manufacture products for casual driving lovers, open air recreational devotees, and recreational boaters.

Cobra Radar Detectors Review: Things You Should Know

The Cobra Radar Detectors are compact and adjustable on the top of your car dashboard. The Radar Detectors can be easily mounted on the Car Dashboard or the Car Windshield with the Suction cups. The Radar Detectors from Cobra gives you the unmatched accuracy in identifying the speeding checkpoints from the long range.

According to the Communication Act, 1934 in the United States, the use of Laser Detectors is legitimate in the private commuter vehicles. Unfortunately, the Radar Detectors are unlawful in some of the States in the USA, like Virginia, Washington D.C., and so on. The use of Radar and Laser Detectors is permissible in the private vehicles only and not for the Business vehicles. So, make sure you are not breaking the law. Also, the Use of Radar Jammers may land you in the jail as its illegal all over the United States.

Features Considered Before Selecting Best Cobra Radar Detectors

  • Precision and Performance

The Radar based Speeding machines work on the three main radar frequency bands, namely X, K, and Ka bands. Any Radar Detector should be able to identify these three Radar Bands and warn the users about it. But, the issue here is the disturbances in the environment because of the similar equipment emitting the radar waves. Such equipment consists of the Proximity sensors used in the car’s, movement detectors, which uses the same Radar bands to function correctly. Sometimes, the Radar Detectors may catch those radar waves and trigger false alarms.

Well, the Cobra Electronics has taken care of these False Alarms thing in their Radar Detectors. Some of the Radar Speed Checker Equipment come with the Moment and POP mode, which is used to detect the people using Radar Detector machines to slow down speed before the officer catches them. The Radar Detector has to be smart to catch signals from those Anti-Radar Detector machines and avoid the detection.

  • Bunch of Useful Features

The Cobra Radar and Laser Detectors are equipped with multiple features, apart from detecting the Radar and Laser speed detection equipment. It is quite dangerous to drive while checking the surroundings for the Police checkpoints and other things. So, the Cobra Radar Detector devices will take care of that for you. You’ll hear an alarm when you are near the Speed Trap, Traffic Signals and also the Speeding checkpoints.

Also, with the Cobra Radar and Laser Detector, you are supposed to get alarms for other instances like the Mishap, accidents, Natural Climatic warnings and so on. For example, you are supposed to get alarmed when you are near the Police Speed Checkpoints, or accident happened somewhere near alerting you to slow down.


  • Control Over the Device

The Best Radar Detectors come with the GPS and Bluetooth facility, which gives you the superior control over the use of the device. The Cobra Radar Detectors comes with the GPS and Bluetooth facilities gives the special attention to the Radar Checkpoints, when connected to additional applications.

The Cobra Radar and Laser Detectors are equipped with the GPS and Bluetooth technology. So, the recently discovered Radar and Laser checkpoints are added on the GPS map. Whenever you or any other driver who is using the GPS enabled Cobra Radar Detector will drive on the same route, the device will trigger an alarm based on the GPS location of the Checkpoint. By using the Cobra Radar Detectors, the drivers are helping others to slow down near the checkpoints.

  • After Sales Support

Almost all of the Cobra Radar and Laser Detectors come with the one-year guarantee for repairs and replacements; You can contact with the Cobra Electronics Support staff via the Live Chat feature on the website, Over the Telephone, Over the Social Media channels and also through the emails.  Also, you get access to the FAQ, User Manual and instructional guides for using and maintaining the Cobra Radar Detectors, which will help you to keep the device in excellent condition.

Speeding over the limit declared by the Authorities is the serious crime and will undoubtedly bring you the ticket. The Radar Detector devices will help you to avoid tickets if you are unintentionally speeding and warn you to slow down. Just keep in mind that the Cobra Radar Detectors are the alarming devices and everything else depends on your willpower.


Best Cobra Radar and Laser Detectors  Review 


Cobra DSP 9200 BT

The DSP 9200 BT is one of the most popular Radar detector made by the Cobra Electronics. The DPS 9200 BT is one of the first computerized radar detectors made by the company. The DSP 9200 BT utilizes the Digital Signal Processing system, which increases the range and accuracy of this Radar Detector.

The Cobra DSP 9200 BT comes with the advanced frequency display mode for detecting the frequencies and alarming the users for the speeding checkpoints. The Advanced Frequency Display Mode is pretty accurate and makes DSP 9200 BT one of the most precise Radar Detector from the Cobra Electronics.

Cobra SPX 7800 BT

The Cobra SPX 7800 BT is the Bluetooth enabled Radar Detector from the House of Cobra Electronics. The SPX 7800 BT supports the 15 Radar and Laser Bands detection. The Cobra SPX 7800 BT is one of the few Radar, Laser, and Radar Detection Machines detector. It comes with the Full Color LED display, which shows us the information about the Radar Bands and also shows the warning about the nearby Radar source.

The Cobra SPX 7800 BT is advised to use the iRadar smartphone app. The iRadar App can be used with this radar detector to identify and tag the Speeding checkpoints on the map. This information can be used by you or any other driver using the iRadar app to find the tagged Radar Speeding checkpoint. So, the drivers will get the alarm even before getting in the Speeding checkpoint zone.


Cobra SPX 7700

The Cobra SPX 7700 is one of the best Laser and Radar Detector device from the company. It comes with the 1.25-inch Color LED display to show the information and also the alarms. Along with the Visual Alarm, the SPX 7700 supports the voice alarm system. The Cobra SPX 7700 has the superior build quality, attractive design, and the excellent detection range compared to competitors.

Cobra SPX 6700

The Cobra SPX 6700 Laser Detector is the sample of 30 years of innovation at the Cobra Electronics. The Cobra SPX 6700 is a high-performance laser detector, which has the 1-inch LED display to show the Signal strength, Alarms and also the necessary information like Safety alert, Detection modes, and others. It comes with some interactive features like the Intellimute Pro mode, Laser Eye, Signal Strength Meter. VG-2 Beams detection, City Filtering mode for False Alarm detection and the Driving modes.

Cobra SPX 5500

The Cobra SPX 5500 is one of the most potent Radars and Laser Detectors available in the market. The Cobra SPX 5500 is a 14 Band Radar and Laser detector, which can detect 7 Radar Bands. 6 Laser Bands and 1 Safety band pretty quickly. The Cobra SPX 5500 radar detector will cover X, K, Ka Superwide, KU, VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV+ bands pretty quickly. The Cobra SPX 5500 is a super sensitive in detecting the VG-2 radar waves, which are the Anti-Radar Detector machines used by the Law Enforcement. So, you are very much safe from getting a speeding ticket if you use this Radar and Laser Detector.
Cobra SPX 5400

The SPX 5400 radar detector is the product of Cobra’s most advanced technology stuffed into a small pack. Cobra 360 Degrees laser radar detector has the capacity of detecting the Laser, Radar, and Safety bands.Also, it has the LED Display to show you the warnings. Not just the Visual Warning on the LED Display, the Cobra SPX 5400 rings the audio alarm for warning the drivers. The Cobra SPX 5400 is an excellent Radar and Laser Detector if you frequently hit the highways.

Cobra SPX 5300

The Cobra SPX 5300 is a result of hard work done in 30 years by the Cobra Electronics team. The Cobra SPX 5300 is built with the Military grade components, ensuring the highest possible build quality for any of the Radar Detectors available in the market. The SPX 5300 comes with the superior Radar detection range, which is double from the predecessors of this device. The Cobra SPX 5300 is an affordable long-range high-performance Radar detector to choose if you are running low on budget.

Cobra XRS Series Detectors

As a part of High-End Radar and Laser Detector lineup, the Cobra launched the bunch of processors in the XRS Series. The Cobra XRS Series has some popular and influential radar detector models like the XRS 9770 PRO, XRS 9670 PRO, XRS 9570, XRS 9470 and the Cobra XRS9370 Radar and Laser Detectors.  Also, they launched the SSR and ESD series, which has some of the best and expensive radar detector devices.

Common Accessories with Cobra Radar and Laser Detector Devices

The Cobra Radar and Laser Detectors are equipped with the accessories like Dashboard mount, LED Display, Radar Detector Power Cord, USB Cable for Connecting with Computers, Suction Cup mounting, Additional Power Cord, Dual Port Adaptor and Remote Port with Battery for Expensive Detector models. All these Accessories are included with the Cobra Radar and Laser Detectors and are useful in all cases.

Experts Opinion on Cobra Radar Detectors

The Cnet, in a review published on 14th August 2014, the iRad Atom Detector from Cobra Electronics have some advantages and disadvantages. The benefit of having the iRad Atom detector is that it can neglect the false alarms and also detect the radar waves from long range. Even, it can be managed with the iRadar Cellphone app, which is an excellent thing for any electronic device to integrate with the smartphone app.

The only disadvantage of this Radar Detector is that it catches the signals from the Forward Collision Alarm systems and that triggers the false alarm, unnecessarily panicking the drivers.

Concluding the Review, Cnet staff said that the Cobra iRad Atom Radar Detector is one of the dominant devices that’ll help you to find the speed traps and road hazards if used with the iRadar smartphone app.





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