3 Things You Should Know About Radon Exposure

Are you aware of the term Radon? Maybe yes as in the past few years there were many talks on the radon issues. Many conversations, researchers and also media talks’ surround this sphere of the noble gas section. So, whether you are willing to sell your home or staying in a radon area, you need to go through a certified inspection.  There may be some who are not aware of the term radon, so to help them out and thus to provide further knowledge of the term here is a short description surrounding it.

3 Things You Should Know About Radon Exposure


So, what is Radon?

Radon can be defined as a tasteless, colourless or odourless radioactive gas that is supposed to be the cause of lung cancer in the non-smokers. People do detect any presence of gases through their sense organ but in the case of Radon as it is odourless and colourless, so it cannot be detected with normal senses of human beings.  Forgetting Radon infected you need not have to go in a mine or in a factory area. Radon can affect your lungs just by sitting at the home or at the office. Going for an air purifier will not help you in preventing Radon gas as the purifiers cannot stop the smallest particle where the radon offspring gets attach to.

Discovery of the Gas

The gas was first being recognised in the year 1899. Later in the year 1530, Paracelsus faced some health issues in the miners. Radon gas was new at this time and people do have minimum knowledge in it.  So, Radon connection with lung cancer was something not expected by anyone.

In the year 1970, Radon gas gain immense popularity. With having any information about the Radon, this dangerous gas was then used for healing human beings. People who face problems with sinus, asthma or arthritis were cured with this gas. Peoples were permitted to visit the U.S.  Uranium mine and thus were allowed to have the radon radiation.  Many newspaper advertisements were made in this regard. A lot of people used to get healed from that unknowing of the side effect. It considered being a curable attempt too many diseases.

Thanks to the incident took place in 1984, where a worker from the nuclear plant was stopped by the detectors as he tried to enter into the plant. A team of specialist came into action and after making a lot of searches they found out about the existence of Radon gas in his house. After this incident, the scientists made the further discovery in the gas and found out that the gas was very harmful and can cause lung cancer.

The reason behind the occurrence of Radon

Radon does exist in nature naturally. It is present in the Earth’s core. Radon is produced from the decaying of the radium. There is a vast range of radioactive elements present in Earth including Radon but this gas is differentiated from the others only because of its characteristics of odourless, colourless and tasteless.  Radon is considered to be a denser gas compare to the density of the Earth’s atmosphere. According to a report, Toxicological Profile for Radon, around 150 radon atoms are present in each millilitre of air.  Radon is especially present in areas with granite or shale though it is present in every sphere of the Earth.

To understand the harm of Radon exposure

Radon is dangerous but we cannot stop living as radon can be everywhere or we can’t live in fear as radon can attack your lungs. Radon is harmful but if inhaled in an area with good ventilation or present outdoors then it will not make so much harm to your lungs. Using radiation while having an x-ray is the must, which is generally harmful. Either way, a shield or an apron is used to get safe from the rays but in the case of radon, there are no such things present that could protect you from the same.

How much Radon exposure will not make any harm?

Radon exposure does make harm but if present outside or in a well-ventilated area then the harm made by radon is not that much. 10 Bg/m3 is the normal concentration of radon present outdoors. In a report from WHO it is said that with an increase in 100 Bg/m3 radon exposure, the risk of lung cancer rises by 16%.  Overexposure of radon is supposed to be the ultimate reason for lung cancer.  Though, the level of radon at home is below 148 Bg/m3 as per the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to experts, overexposure to radon gas can affect your lungs with cancer. There are many other factors that do affect the radon exposure such as your age, for how long you are in the exposure, the season and whether you are a smoker or not. It is also recommended to regularly ventilate your place as to avoid gathering of radon gases.

In a report from the American Public Health Association, it is said the most attacks are towards the smokers. Thus radon exposure does largely depend on the length and amount of exposure.

Preventing Radon gas

By now we know that radon gas is harmful to us and it causes lung cancer but there must be some way to protect us from the harmful gas. So to help you out here are some points that can help you in that attempt;

  • Carry on a test that does help you in knowing the amount of radon gas present around you. You can also ask for professional help or can even buy radon test kits from the market.
  • Using a radon digital detector can help you in conducting the test wherever you want to. Through this detector, it is possible to carry a test indoor, outdoor or in your office. This detector can work with the same battery for 1 year and a half months.
  • Improving the ventilation system of your room can help you to fight against radon gases. You can make more ventilation in your room.
  • Not allowing the radon gas to enter your living room through the basement thus you can also seal the walls and the floors.

Hopefully, this article can help you in staying away from radon gas.