Best Hobby Saws Reviews from Amazon to buy Online : Updated 2024

Best Hobby Saws Reviews from Amazon to buy Online: Updated 2024

People without hobbies are nothing but robots. This is what the philosophers say about humans. The hobby can be anything. Be it music, drawing, or even woodworking. With the hobby, people can spend their valuable time on something creative. Also, it helps them to relax and unwind in their free time. A hobby is nothing but a soothing way to relax your mind and use your creativity. Woodworking is the hobby of millions of people all around the world. This hobby is incomplete without the best hobby saws in 2023. 

Yes. The best hobby saws are highly important when woodworking is your primary hobby. Without the best hobby table saw, it’ll be impossible to cut the wood in proper shapes. Without the wood in the proper shape, you cannot easily complete your hobby project. Don’t consider the best hobby saws only for DIY hobby projects. They will work perfectly fine for professional projects if you know how to use them. If this is your first time and you don’t know anything about the best hobby saws, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on the best hobby saws. You don’t have to do any research on the internet, as we will be helping you with the curated list of the best hobby table saws on the internet. 

Best Hobby Table Saws Reviews From Amazon: To Buy Online in 2024

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#1 – GoPlus 4 Mini Electric Table Saw Review: Top Rated Hobby Table Saw

The hobbyist who loves to have small and compact table saws for woodworking will find the GoPlus 4 Mini Electric table saw as the best option. The GoPlus 4 Mini electric table saw is pretty compact and fits on any kind of platform. It is highly suitable for beginner to intermediate woodworking tasks like cutting picture frames, plastics, thick wood pallets, and many other things. With the precise grooves on the table, you can easily cut the wood or plastic on this electric table saw with precise angles. 

For those who worry a lot about safety, this is one of the safest hobby saws on the market. With the GoPlus 4 Mini Electric Table Saw, you will get full-on safety. You will get ultimate safety with the transparent eye shield and blade guard while using the mini table saw. The 120V electric motor with 8200RPM is the best thing about this machine. The sharp blades with the powerful motor will work very well to cut through any material you throw at it. Although it would struggle a bit with the heavy wood pieces, that’s acceptable as it’s a mini table saw suitable for small woodworking projects. 


  • Compact.
  • Convenient to Carry Around.
  • 8200RPM Motor.
  • Safety.
  • Only for Basic Woodworking.



#2 – Proxxon 37070 FET Table Saw  Review 

Proxxon 37070 FET Table Saw is the perfect example of German Engineering, making it one of the most precise table saws for hobbyist woodworkers. With the Proxxon 37070 FET Table Saw, you can perform regular hobbyist woodworking projects or even work on wooden toy making due to its extreme precision. 

With the adjustable settings and the five-setting screw, you can easily change the angles. The cutting angles are pretty useful in woodworking, as the angles define everything. The blade is also adjustable up to 45 degrees upward or downwards. While cutting the wood at certain angles, it’s highly essential. Even if you have thick wood pallets, you’ll find it easier to adjust the blades’ height. Proxxon 37070 FET table saw comes with a special motor and the compound belt driver, which provides ultimate performance. Not just that, the noise is minimal, making it one of the most silent table saws in the market. 


  • Silent Operations.
  • High Power Motor.
  • Highly Adjustable Settings.
  • Sharp Blades.
  • No Speed Adjustment.



#3 – Chicago Electric Mighty Mite Table Saw Review

The miniature table saws are highly recommended for absolute beginners in hobbyist woodworking scenarios. The Chicago Electric Mighty Mite Table Saw is one such amazing product that is only 4 inches and can still complete all beginner woodworking projects. The ease and speed of cutting are the two main points that are kept in focus while building this mighty hobby saw. This product comes with special Meter tape, which is useful while cutting the wood on the table saw. With the same, you will be able to achieve precision while cutting the fine wooden boards. 

For performance, it comes with a special motor that runs at speeds of 13,000 RPM. It might be one of the few best hobby saws in the market that comes with dual saw blades. The first blade is a dry diamond blade, and the other one is a C2 Carbide blade with forty teeth. This provides the finest cutting of thin and thick wooden boards with ease. For the users’ safety, it comes with a transparent eye guard to prevent dust from getting into your eyes. The Chicago Electric Mighty Mite table saw comes with a blade guard to protect your fingers from accidents. In short, it’s one of the smallest and lightest hobbyist table saws in the market. 


  • Dual Blade System.
  • High RPM motor.
  • Compact Design.
  • Proper Safety Precautions were Taken.
  • Only for Light Projects.



#4 – Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw Review

There are total beginner hobbyists and expert hobbyists. Expert hobbyists need big hobby table saws to work on advanced projects. The Rockwell BladeRunning X2 Portable Tabletop is the best option for advanced woodworking enthusiasts. With the powerful motor and the sharp blades, it becomes easier to cut through the wood, plastic, and even aluminum strips for your projects. This product’s size is pretty big compared to the other best hobby table saws in the market. That’s why it’s packed with numerous features. 

The blades are versatile, and they can perform multiple types of cuts, like mitering, scrolling, and ripping. The blades are replaceable, and you can change the blades within three seconds. With the easy replacement system, it’s possible to change the blades of the Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop saw with ease. For easy cleaning, it comes with a special vacuum port to suck all the dust and debris. In short, it’s one of the best hobby saws in the market if you are an advanced woodworking specialist. 


  • Free Five Blades Set.
  • Dust Vacuum Port.
  • Can Cut Anything.
  • Multiple cutting methods.
  • Only supports 1-inch thickness.
  • No Security Features.



#5 – TruePower Mini Electric Table Saw 01-0821 Review

Small and light-duty projects are the first thing that any hobbyist would work on. The TruePower Mini Electric Table Saw 01-0821 model is one suitable table saw for amateur woodworkers. The TruePower Mini Electric table saw is pretty small and compact, so you can use it for light projects and carry it around with ease. This device comes with a diamond-coated tile blade and a 24-tooth carbide tip blade, which is a nice addition to this machine for better cutting. The blades are pretty high quality and sharp and can cut through multiple materials. 

TruePower Mini electric hobby saw comes with a slide cut guide, which helps you to cut the wood at a proper angle. Also, the hand-adjustable table height makes it easier to adjust the height to accommodate larger pieces of wood. The improved blade guard system is highly useful for making it a safer product for newbies. 


  • Dual-blade system.
  • Small and Compact.
  • Slide Cross Cut Guide.
  • Adjustable Height. 
  • No Ripping Fence.


Buying Guide for Table Saws: How to choose the best one 

The purchasing decision takes a lot of time, and you should perform detailed research before buying the best hobby saw for your hobby. If you are not sure how to buy the best hobby saws, then you should follow this buying guide. This will let you know which of the parameters you should check out. 

#1 – Portability 

As you are going to buy a table saw for fulfilling your hobby, you should understand that the best hobby saws should have portability. The hobby saws are not big and industrial size, but they are small and compact. If you are shortlisting the hobby table saws, then make sure to check for the portability of the tool. Having small and compact electric table saws is the best thing. Most of the hobby saws have weights between 10lb. So, anything less than that is highly recommended as it will be portable. 

#2 – Blades 

The blades are going to make contact with the wood and cut it in the desired shape. If the blades are not good, then you are not going to get precision cuts. That’s why choosing the best hobby saws with high-quality blades is highly important. According to the experts, the diamond-coated and carbide blades with multi-tooth setup are highly suitable for such woodworking requirements. The high-end blades like the titanium blades will be overkill—no need to waste money on the titanium blades. Instead, you can rely on the diamond-coated and carbide blades. Make sure to check the blades provided with the tool and also if they are replaceable. If the blades are not replaceable, then it’ll be nothing but a hassle. 

#3 – Rip Fence 

The rip fence is nothing but the guide, which helps you to slide the wood to the blades. It runs from the front of the machine to the back parallel to the blades. Without the rip fence, it’ll be harmful to use the machine. Having the rip fence will help you to cut the wood or plastic pieces with precision. Also, it provides visible protection, as you can know how far away your hands are from the blade itself. 

#4 – Motor 

The motor is going to drive the blades fast and make them cut through the wood. Not having a powerful motor will cause issues with cutting precision, and even having the sharpest blades will not provide any good input. That’s why choosing the best hobby saw with a powerful motor in the range is highly recommended. 

Most of the electric hobby saws come with the direct drive motor or the belt-driven motor. The direct-drive motors are powerful, but they are not as powerful as belt-driven motors. For the ultimate beginner-level woodworking projects, a direct-driven motor is recommended. But for the intermediate to professional level woodworking requirements, you should choose the belt drive motor in the best hobby saw. 

Final Words 

Maintaining a hobby will keep you happy and relaxed for a long time. With this pandemic situation, we do have a lot of free time on our hands. By spending it on a rewarding hobby such as Woodworking, we can spend our time on some productive tasks. In this post, we tried our best to share the list of the best hobby table saws in the market. As a hobbyist woodworker, you should check out all the products and choose the best one that suits your needs.