Bissell Air320 Air Purifier Review with Hepa- Buyer’s Guide in 2024

Are you looking for an air purifier that will complement the aesthetic and elegant look of your house?

If yes, well we have a recommendation for you. We understand that it is hard for you to pick and choose a purifier that is picturesque and has powerful air purification technology.

But we have a Bissell air320 smart air purifier that is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms. Efficiently designed with an auto mode that will cart off the dust and stench from your area. Today, we’ll walk you through Bissell air320 smart air purifier review – so you can understand its working and specifications in a better way.

On our website, we review the product in a way that will help you make the wisest choice. We also ensure that before you make the purchase you are fully aware of what the product is and how will it enhance your life after the purchase.

Bissell Air320 Smart Air Purifier Review with HEPA for 2024

In this Bissell Air320 air purifier review, we discuss the following:
1. Specifications,
2. Looks and dimensions,
3. Features,
4. Operating cost,
5. Pros and Cons,
6. FAQ
Let’s begin

Bissell air320 Air Purifier Specifications

Bissell air320 Dimensions8.3 x 14.75 x 25 inches
Bissell air320 Weight18.25 pounds
Specification metCertified frustration-free
Number of Pieces1
Warranty Description5 year

Bissell air320 Air Purifier Dimensions & Appearance:

The design of the Bissell Air 320 is very unique. While we found the 8.3 depth width of this purifier a bit ponderous but it was the vintage design that steals the spotlight. The 4 faux wooden legs are a distinctive feature and an antler that operates the fan speeds.
The digital display is embedded seamlessly in the control panel which adds elegance to its design.
The front-braced cloth pre-filter is rectangular which makes the whole thing like a vintage radio. The Bissel air320 dimensions are 25 inches long and 14.5 inches on board.
Like the other air purifiers in the market, Bissell air320 also runs a bottom-to-top airflow system concept, having perforated holes for the top air outlet.
You can find the model name near the bottom, to the left of this purifier. It has an intuitive soft dial to control the purifier and right below, there are digital and colored LED indicators to check the Bissell air320 air quality index.
With a premium black air purifier and it feels dense and hard, two properties that make an impression that it’s made from solid metal instead of an inexpensive air purifier with a metallic finish.

Features of Bissell air320 Smar Air Purifier smart

1. Filter:

Eliminating airborne fragments and viruses has become increasingly important in our day-to-day life. To purify the air, you’ll need a high-quality air purifier that’s built with top-of-the-line filters that trap the smallest pollutants in your home. The air purifiers in the Bissell family, including today’s Bissell air320 smart air purifier, satisfy the standards set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), to meet an ozone emission concentration limit of fewer than 0.05 parts per million (ppm). The Bissell air320 air purifier is 100% ozone-free with a simple 3-stage air cleaning system.
Pre-filter – A fabric pre-filter is used to arrest the pollutants that are larger in size, like pet hair, fur, and large dust. It is washable and permanent to use.
HEPA filter – Wrapped with such a High-Efficiency filter, the Bissell air320 can trap 99.7% of 0.3 microns particles or larger.
Carbon Filter – Engineered with actual pieces of carbon, the honeycombed Activated Bissell air320 Carbon filter can capture odor-causing gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
For both the filters HEPA and carbon filters to operate at their best, they should be replaced after every 6 months. It has a filter status signal for both filters.

2. Auto Mode based on the PM2.5 Sensor

The Bissell Air320 Auto Mode allows you to set it on the auto mode that will adjust the fan speed automatically based on the homespun level in the air. This peculiarity will not only save energy but also increases the filter lifespan.
The Bissell Air320 has a built-in particle (PM2.5) sensor. It allows you to adjust the fan speed and shows the actual time speck count on an alluring dot matrix digital display with a colored LED indicator.

3. Single dial Control

With Single-Dial Control it eases out your confusion about what button to press and what will happen next. You depress and turn to scroll between settings. Depressing the dial will not only allow you to turn the device on and off but also reset the unit after replacing the filter. Moving the dial clockwise will permit you to choose between the five available fan speeds.

4. Auto-Activated Sleep Mode:

When the darkness pitches in, this device by self-regulation, switches to sleep mode, thanks to the ambient light sensor. All of the onboard lights go off so you can sleep peacefully.

5. Energy Star Certification

Do air purifiers consume a lot of energy? This is one of the most frequently asked questions as power consumption is one of the most important criteria while selecting an air purifier.
Bissell Air320 Smart Air Purifier device is Energy Star certified. This certification denotes that an appliance consumes minimum levels of energy. But even with low energy consumption, the performance of this air purifier doesn’t suffer even in the 250-plus-square-foot rooms.

6.CirQulate System

What is impressive about this eye-pleasing air purifier is that it has built-in sensors that detect how concentrated pollutants are in the air and adapts fan’s speed accordingly.
So Bissell Air320’s air quality index stays in check. It gives both digital and color-coded indoor air quality feedback to you. This system also consists of a sensor that regularly checks indoor air quality.
If it hits the peak (increased level of Pollutants), the air320 will automatically switch into gear to remove the airborne contaminants in as little time as possible. Just make sure you clean the sensor every now and again.

7. Sound

The intriguing thing about Bissell air320 is its ability to keep the noise level low, something that’s not so easy to get with higher fan power. With various fan speeds, the air purifier still gives enough options for you to keep the noise down.
The noise level of Bissell air320 varies from 37 decibels (dB) at its lowest and 60 decibels. at the highest speed.

Bissell Air320 Room coverage-How much area it Covers?

The ACH of Bissell air320 is 1X to 3X. If the air purifier is running in the standard room size of 320 square feet, it can clean the room every 20 minutes. But if you put the Bissell air320 in a room of 1000 square feet, it will clean only one time per hour.
The CADR of Bissell air320 is 206 Dust/ 198 Smoke/ 241 Pollen (CFM). The Pollen-free CADR rating of this Bissell air320 is even better than the Bissell air400, so if you only want an air purifier for clearing the pollen issue, you should get the Bissell air320 to your family.

Pros and Cons of Bissell Air320 smart Air Purifier

Triple-Tier Filtration, no electronic filtration (with honeycomb activated carbon filter)
Vintage Appearance
Placement conformability
Alluring dot matrix digital display
PM2.5 sensor and Speck count display with colored indicator.
Night mode based on darkness
100% ozone-free, CARB approved
No child lock
No remote or app control

Frequently Asked Questions about Bissell Air320 Air Purifier: FAQs

Q1.What is the cost of the filter?

Answer: There are 2 filters involved. One is a charcoal inner filter and the filter in front of that one is a HEPA filter. Both are around $20-$22 each on Amazon so to replace the filters every six months as recommended, you’re looking at about $85 per year on filter costs.

Q2.What is the cadr of this unit?


Q3.How often do you need to change the filter?

Answer: It has a filter status signal for both operate at their best, they should be replaced after every  6 months

Q4.Does this product emit ozone?

Answer: No, it does not. If any foul odor is found then it automatically switches to high and took the odor out in minutes
Q5. Does  Bissell Air320 come with an ionizer?
Answer: No, the Bissell Air320 does come with an ionizer, it only filters air with separate HEPA and carbon activated filters.

Q6.Can this machine be run while AC is on?

Answer: Yes, you can. It’s a stand-alone unit that uses very little power.

Q7.What is the warranty life of this air purifier?

Answer: It has a 5-year warranty.

Q8.What do the numbers mean on the display?

Answer: It says it means the air quality of the room. 002 with blue light means good air. From 009 with yellow/green light, air quality is moderate. When it’s too bad, the red light comes up. Not sure what those numbers mean exactly but overall, it indicates air quality.

Q9.Are filters washable?

Answer: You have to replace it, except the front-braced cloth filter. You can use the vacuum cleaner to
clean it.

Q9.Will this device successfully remove formaldehyde gases?

Answer: Activated carbon filters will remove high amounts of gas.

Q10. Does this help in reducing radon gas?

Answer: No, It doesn’t help to reduce radon gas.

Q11. What does a Bissell Air320 green light mean?

Answer: It means good air quality

Q12.At what distance should you keep the furniture?

Answer: You should keep it at least one foot away.