Does Airplane/Flight Mode Stop The Radiation? Avoid Harming Your Body!

The average person uses their phone for 9 hours every day. Whenever you connect your cell phone to the internet or a cell service provider it emits radiofrequency radiation. Cell phones are so common that there’s no escaping background RF radiation! The health risks of this dangerous form of energy multiply exponentially if you hold your device close enough to your body. You might wonder if the airplane mode that is available on almost all phones helps in stopping the radiation. In this article, we will talk everything about airplane mode and will find out if it helps in stopping radiation.

Does Airplane/Flight Mode Stop The Radiation? Avoid Harming Your Body!


What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode helps you keep your phone or tablet safe from emitting radiofrequency radiation while it’s in use. When turned on, airplane modes stop sending out EMF waves that could potentially interfere with other devices and systems around us like those used for navigational purposes on planes as well!

Does a Cell Phone Emit Radiation When In Airplane Mode?

Cell phones emit a type of radiation that is not ionizing, which primarily consists of EMF caused by radio waves transmission. In smartphones, there’s maximum exposure to this non-ionizing form at the point where they’re communicating with towers via their signal strength. 

In airplane mode, the smartphone is unable to communicate with a tower and so it cuts off. With no network to communicate over, EMF radiation caused by radio waves is eliminated. However, there will still be some amount of it taking place due to light displays and smartphones running. 

It is advisable to turn on airplane mode when the cellphone is not in use but it’s still not 100% safe.

How Harmful Is The Radiation Coming From Cell Phones?

Health professionals have been raising concerns over the years about the effect of EMF radiation coming from smartphones. While cell phones do not emit as many high-frequency waves compared with other devices such as laptops and microwaves, there’s no doubt that by using your phone constantly – playing video games or watching online YouTube videos you will be exposed daily to some degree can have a serious effect on the health in the long run.

Risks Associated With EMF Radiations:

  • Memory losses; 
  • Deterioration in cognitive skills such as problem-solving ability or attention span (PSA); 
  • Disturbed sleep patterns with increased stress hormones can lead to depression;
  • Headaches
  • Blood cancer
  • Brain tumor
  • Breast cancer
  • In males, a reduction in sperm counts
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Body ache

Precautions You Can Take To Reduce The Harm While Using A Cell-Phone

  1. You should ensure that a cell phone has its airplane mode on while handing it over to children.
  2. To be safe, you can turn off the Wi-Fi before bed so that you are not exposed to EMF radiation during your sleep.
  3. Never keep your cell phones under your pillow while sleeping as the radiation can cause some serious damage.

Conclusion for Does airplane mode stop the radiation

If you find yourself constantly checking your phone while on the go, try keeping it in airplane mode as much of that time. You can still access everything through a settings menu and just turn off plane mode whenever not using it. This will limit exposure considerably while not giving up complete use of one’s device!