Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector Review from Amazon: Updated 2024

The Escort Passport X70 radar detector is relatively new in the market. However, it has proven its abilities to quite a large chunk of users. The device was launched in late 2018 and has, till today, never disappointed.

Driving involves a lot to pay attention to while you’re on the road, including SPEEDING TICKETS.

The police radar guns that point at your vehicle when you’re driving may or may not be out of the right motive. This is why such high-performance devices offer a host of features to help you drive safely and stay well under your limits, avoiding any potential dangers.

But why should you invest in this particular device? One good reason is since the police authorities are upgrading their equipment to the new and more efficient hand-held radar guns, you as a driver must also update your car hardware. Now the car hardware doesn’t just apply to just the mechanical stuff of your car but also to any external devices that can improve your driving experience.

Passport X70 is one of the latest detectors by Escort in the 3-star category. It captures a 4x range than that of a police radar gun and allows you to slow down before becoming a target to the police radar.

In this article, we will discuss everything about this device, including its features, performance, price point, and ultimately whether or not it makes sense to buy this device versus other detectors in a similar range.

About Escort

With more than four decades of industry experience, Escort has ever since been serving the world’s drivers with high-performance and cost-effective radar detection solutions.

Their tagline reads, “drive smarter with Escort,” and their products certainly stand up to these claims. Escort is an industry leader and it offers custom-made and discreet radar detectors. Their technology is quite advanced, making all equipment smart, accurate, and the most trusted.

Each product by Escort aims to protect the drivers from the law, and not break the rules. An unparalleled technological upgrade gives the drivers the confidence they need while diving. Plus, they make sure that their brand detectors are THE BEST in the industry and amongst all users.

Amongst their diverse range of radar detectors, Escort Passport X70 is one of the premium and world-renowned devices. To give you a detailed view of this device, here is what we have to say.

Features of the Escort Passport X70

The Escort Passport X70 radar detector is a high-end device that offers everything you need in a piece of equipment like this. It was launched to replace the discontinued radar detector, 8500 X50, which was one of the country’s top-rated models. X50 raised the bar in terms of user-friendliness and technology sophistication for such detectors. X70 is another top-notch device that certainly matches the performance delivered by X50. Some of its exemplary abilities include, but aren’t limited to the following:


With a smart and sturdy black casing, the device contains four buttons on the top – a sensitivity adjustment button towards the left, a multi-functional (mute and volume up/ down) switch in the center, brightness control towards the right, and a power on/ off button recessed into the case to avoid accidental touching. The mounting holder also rests in the upper housing. The audio out jack, smart cord jack, and USB port sit on the right side, whereas a vivid and bright OLED display is right in the front.


This radar detector comes with a high-definition OLED display. The screen is programmed for smooth functioning and alert identification. It gives you warnings when you exceed the posted limit. The screen also indicates up to eight multiple bands along with their signal strength, all at once. Not just that, you can also view the actual numeric frequency of the signals. Plus, full dark mode along with three-level brightness makes everything legible under varied outdoor conditions.


This radar detector is the best one in its range in terms of performance. It offers multiple band protection, and turning off any of these can miss out even legitimate radar threats. It has over four times the range of a law enforcement radar gun. Being a long-range (K and Ka-band) detector, it alerts the users on both radar and laser bands. Furthermore, the POP mode smartly helps identify instant-on police radar guns for additional benefit.

DSP Algorithm

Programmed with the new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm makes the Passport X70 radar detector a vital consideration. Think of DSP as a high-quality noise-canceling headphone but for radar reporting. So by canceling out the noise, the device can better focus on the real threats. This technology helps with more accurate and faster danger indication. It enables the device to sniff four times its capture distance and block as many false alerts as possible.


The Escort Passport X70 radar detector uses app-based filtration. This helps provide crowd-sourced alerts in every region. In fact, not just radar and laser protection, this device is also capable of saving you from speed and red-light cameras. Auto-sensitivity instantly produces an additional layer to help you avoid multiple threats and false alarms while you’re driving.

Voice Alerts

The clearly audible voice alerts are again a plus point on this device. The Escort Passport X70 radar detector has options for two different languages – English and Spanish, for easy access. Voice alerts warn you of impending threats without you having to watch out for the screen every single time. This helps you maintain your focus on the road and on your driving.


Having a Bluetooth connection would have made things more straightforward and quick. However, unfortunately, you only get a smart cord connection to be able to operate the app on your android or iOS smartphone. Moreover, the cord is not given in the box, so you’ll have to separately invest in one for easy connectivity.

Escort LIVE App

The Escort LIVE mobile application is one of the most significant innovations of all time for radar detectors. Why? Because it allows you to share real-time updates, including speed traps, police spotted alerts, or radar and laser warnings with other Escort users. So even if you feel your detector may point to false alarms, Escort LIVE will ensure that you get dependable, filtered, and segmented information for a more enjoyable ride. But since the device doesn’t come with a Bluetooth Chipset, you’ll have to connect it via a 12v smart cord to use the app.


If you do give importance to brand loyalty, and either you or a friend or family member have previously had a positive experience with Escort products, then this device is for you. But if you’re looking for a budget-friendly device, this isn’t the right choice. It is somewhat on the pricier side. However, considering the features you get, it suffices the cost.

Additional Features

The Escort Passport X70 radar detector demonstrates excellent performance and comes with an extensive list of features. You get Highway, City, and AutoNoX sensitivity, dual language control, cruise alerts, clear audible tones, auto-mute/ auto-learn functionality, and marking or clearing location options.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • M4 antenna design
  • 4x detection range
  • High-definition multi-color OLED display
  • Full dark mode screen
  • Multiple sensitivity modes
  • Dual language support
  • 360-degree radar detection
  • Protection from X, K, Ka, and Laser frequencies
  • Quick DSP scanning and filtering
  • Bar graph and expert meter display options
  • Reduced false alarms through Traffic Sensor Rejection
  • Real-time speed trap alert through the Escort Live app
  • Comes inclusive a travel case
  • Quick-release mount
  • 12v smart cord capabilities to mute without reaching the device
  • Voice communication for menu and alerts
  • Firmware updates to keep the device updated


  • It’s under the thoughts of discontinuation
  • Lacks instructions
  • The smart cord isn’t included
  • No Bluetooth connectivity to utilize the app
  • No internal GPS
  • The user interface isn’t too friendly
  • K-band might give us false alerts in cities
  • The firmware update timeframe isn’t guaranteed

And it is needless to say that similar to any other radar detector, if the police officials spot your car much before the range or without the device coming into action, you’ll be in trouble and won’t have the time to slow down.

In Conclusion

The Escort X70 is an incredible radar detector – we highly recommend this one if you want to invest in a reliable and worthy device. It comes with a host of top-notch features. The device offers you extended and accurate coverage to make sure you get the best possible protection. This Escort device incorporates a design that addresses all your radar detection needs with perfection. Also, the connectivity between the device and its app is tremendous. The two seamlessly work to provide you with all the updated information and make your experience stress-free.

There certainly are a few downsides. But you can easily avoid these in exchange for the number of upgrades the device offers. But we’ll recommend you purchase the necessary stuff, such as the 12V smart cable and mounting bracket, in order to make the most of this detector.

And although it’s here to stay, the thought of it being discontinued by the manufacturer is a nightmare. But, isn’t that so with all the technologies? If these minor issues aren’t bothersome, the Escort X70 radar detection device is a valuable investment. It’ll save you from unnecessary tickets while helping you slow down and stay safe when driving.

We hope this article helped you gain the needed information.

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