How To Check Radiation Levels At Home?

How To Check Radiation Levels At Home? Choose A Potent Radiation Detection Device!

Yes, the answer is this simple. How can you check the radiation levels in your home or for that matter on any property? Purchase a radiation detector and make use of it. A radiation meter specifically measures the number of particles in your surroundings that emit from radioactive materials.

To get a bit more into the details, these may include particles from the alpha, beta as well as gamma rays. A few others can be protons, electrons, or neutrons. Radioactivity can also produce from medical equipment like x-ray machines or through nuclear accidents. Construction materials like granite or the soil outside the property can also be blamed for such harmful emissions.

However, if these particles are accumulating in your surroundings, then choosing the best radiation measurement equipment helps detect the definite source. It provides you with the precise levels of frequencies present around you in your environment. And yes, such elements surround you all through time through the exposure levels might vary. But, when you know the exact number is when you can protect yourself from this omnipresent hazard – radiation.



The safest and recommended levels are said to be 300 millirems per year at sea level and around 400 millirems per year in elevated regions. Anything more than this can be harmful to human health.

What Are The Sources Of Radiation?

  • Alpha molecules
  • Beta atoms
  • Gamma particles
  • X-ray substances
  • Nuclear fission
  • Cosmic radiations
  • Radioactive gases like radon
  • Food that’s cultivated in the soil
  • Groundwater

What Can Help Detect The Radiation Levels?

Radiations are capable enough to wreck your entire system as well as lead to several critical long-term ailments. So, purchase a high-quality radiation detector either from a hardware store or the ones available online at Amazon. In case you aren’t sure of which equipment to buy, check our Radiation Detector Reviews for the year 2018. This device will help you identify which areas around you are most affected.

How To Check Radiation Levels At Home With A Radiation Detector?

A radiation detector precisely reveals the levels of radiation present in your surroundings. With the help of beeps or other audible alarms, you get to know if the numbers are acceptable or unsafe. Certain types of equipment even spot the exact source of radiation so you know what’s been affecting you all this time. You can also know of any hidden or unidentifiable radiation sources.

However, if the levels are much lower and standards, know that things are fine. If the levels are higher, take preventive measures. Install reliable ventilation systems. Keep electric devices away from areas you spend your maximum time in. You can also implement shielding systems or make use of protective materials.

How Can You Choose The Best Radiation Detector?

Hundreds of radiation meters are nowadays available in the market. These come from every part of the world, from different manufacturers along with distinctive specs. But, we understand what you require to check for radiation in your surroundings. And therefore, we’ll tell you how to choose the best radiation monitor from Amazon. These are top-rated and best-selling radiation detectors for you to neutralize any harmful impact.

However, choose the meter that’s reliable and goes well with your requirements. Consider these aspects before you rush to buy one:

  • The frequency range must cover the common radiation sources.
  • See if it can measure the lowest as well as highest frequency ranges.
  • Know if the features are basic or advanced.
  • The price is totally your call. But, ensure the unit’s affordability and convenience when compared with technological advancements.
  • No matter what, consider buying from a reputable brand.
  • If the product isn’t sent directly by the manufacturer, make sure that the seller has a good customer service record.

Unfortunately, a lot of meters do not include the above-mentioned specs. However, our radiation detector reviews can help you pick the right product!

Radiation Detector (Geiger counter): How It Works?

A radiation detector is also called a Geiger counter. However, the two types of equipment slightly deviate from each other. There isn’t a significant difference which is why the term is used interchangeably. What does it do? A metallic cylinder with low-pressure sealed gas is attached to the framework. A thin metal wire runs through this tube’s center. Hereafter, the high volt tungsten wire creates a strong field that can trap the radiation particles. As a result, the particles that settle on the wire produce an electric pulse to emit a clicking sound. This can further be measured by the device to let you know how safe your environment is! These detectors are capable of detecting alpha, beta as well as gamma radiations along with several other particles.

Final Words…

The measurement of radiation levels in your home, as well as your office space, is an important task. No matter if it’s an old property or you’re buying a new one, checking for radiation is always a good idea. It keeps you safe and ensures the levels are also acceptable for everyone around you.