Best Radon Gas Mitigation Fans Reviews 2017

Best Radon Gas Mitigation Fans Reviews 2017

Best Radon Fan Reviews 2017 – YOUR FINEST BUYING GUIDE
Look out for this space to find our best Radon Mitigation Fan Reviews and comparison charts to help you buy the best product suited for your needs.

Best Radon Fan Reviews – Our Recommendations for 2017
Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive and a tasteless noble gas. It proves to be very harmful and generates from the soil to enter into your house over time. Of course, you cannot stop this leakage but you can surely monitor the levels (through digital/ manual radon detectors) and take corrective measures (through radon mitigation fans) for lowering them effectively. Hence the gas needs to be transported from its original source to somewhere outside your house.
And what works best depends upon the structure and age of your house. But to alleviate the radon gas from underneath your house you require a radon fan. Therefore, after an intense R&D, we ensure to offer you the best possible solutions for the most complicated problem.
Below we take you through our Radon Mitigation Fan Reviews with an approach of letting you make the right choice. There are several radon fans available in the markets that differ according to their affordability, suction and noise. Therefore here are Top 5 of those radon mitigation fans which are easily available for you through Amazon:


Radon Mitigation Fans
Radon is a gas that’s invisible and forms inside the Earth’s crust. It actually surrounds each one of us as a part of the air that we breathe. Though it builds up in the lowest levels of a building but at times some buildings have a higher radon level at the top floors as well. This happens due to the building material used, the natural updraft or the artificial ventilation.
Radon is somewhat a heavier gas than the air we breathe. And generally it doesn’t go up through the vent pipe all by itself. In such cases, you can install a radon mitigation fan on the vent pipe in the attic and effectively reduce the radon levels. And of course, measuring all the floors for radon helps you make healthier decisions. At last, it’s always advisable to spend more of the time on floors that contain lower radon levels.
Radon fans are basically specialised and sealed units that do not allow the radon gas flowing through them to break out. These fans are permitted in the garages, the unfinished attics or on the outside of a building.
One should use only the standardized radon mitigation fans. In the U.S. and Canada there are Radon Away and Fan Tech amongst the prominent radon fan manufacturers. Their products are UV resistant, made of the UL listed durable plastic along with having a watertight electrical terminal box. They also contain high efficiency EBM motorised impellers along with thermal overload protection.

RADONAWAY (23030 – 1) RP145
RP145 radon mitigation fan is actually an energy efficient product that’s moisture resistant along with having an easy and straightforward installation.
• RP145 is HVI (Home Ventilation Institute) certified & is ETL (Electrical Testing Labs) listed.
• The product is rated for both commercial and residential usage.
• It can be mounted on a 3 or 4 inches schedule 40 PVC vent pipe.
• Works effectively on a sub slab condition of 4 inches.
• It’s a superior quality product and is also durable.
• Designed for moderate to high air flow.
• And it makes an ultra quiet operation.

RADONAWAY (23005–1) GP501
GP501 is a high quality & durable radon mitigation fan. It works great round the year. And this fan proves to be an ideal choice when multiple suction points are required.
• Noise-free operation & easy installation.
• ETL (Electrical Testing Labs) Listed product.
• Works great for both indoor as well as outdoor residential usage.
• And the fan is fit for new constructions and retrofit systems. It’s also suitable for existing fan replacements.

FR 100 centrifugal duct fan performs flawlessly with 9 size airflow capacity ranging from 150 to 650 CFM. This fan ensures efficiency and does not let any molds or mildew develop. You can use this radon mitigation fan for multiple point exhaustion, as a duct fan for crawl space venting or to make-up the air supply.
• The CFM or the Air Flow Capacity is 122.
• This product is UL listed and is also CSA certified.
• The FR 100 centrifugal fan is 100% speed controllable.
• It completely goes unnoticeable when it comes to noise.
• The fan is suitable for airstream temperatures of up to 140°F.
• Such fans are widely used as booster fans to move the air from one room to another.

(4.5″ DUCT & 163 CFM)
HP 2190 caters to majority of the radon mitigation requirements. It fundamentally pulls the air all the way through the soil and not just vents the indoor atmosphere.
• The CFM or the Air Flow Capacity of this fan is 163.
• This radon mitigation fan has a duct size of 4 inches.
• Its average life expectancy is around 7 to 10 years that too under continuous load.
• It’s designed with a UL listed durable plastic suitable for smaller housing.
• The product is easy to use, comes with an easy to understand instructions manual for installation and functions absolutely noise free.

(4/5″Duct, 157 CFM)
This radon mitigation fan intends on working as an active soil depressurization a.k.a. ASD system for efficiently dropping the radon intensity.
• It can be used for 4/5 inches duct work.
• It also comes with a straight forward connection instructions guide.
• CFM or the Air Flow Capacity of the systemair HP 190 radon fan is 157.
• It is also suitable for replacements of the existing radon ventilation fans.
• The radon mitigation fan makes a very quiet operation along with being sturdy and trust worthy.
• The systemair HP 190 radon fan runs continuously & its life expectancy is around 5 to 10 years.

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