Best Furnace Humidifiers Reviews from Amazon to Buy in 2024

We all live in an environment where our body needs everything like cold air, warning, and sometimes the mixture of these to the environment. We can’t just lie in the cold or warmest environment. Our body requires a combination of these two things. If you are looking for a furnace humidifier that will keep the room warm, you are at the right place.

Because after looking at the furnace humidifier, I decided to make a detailed review of these products and found some great machines to add to your HVAC system without any issues. So please grab a cup of coffee since we are going to furnace humidifiers and similar products in depth.

Best Furnace Humidifiers Reviews from Amazon in 2024

RankingProductOur RatingCheck Price
1.Aprilaire 400 Furnace Humidifier Review4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5) VIEW ON AMAZON
2.Honeywell Home HE360A1075 Furnace Humidifier Review4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5) VIEW ON AMAZON
3.Aprilaire 800 Steam Furnace Humidifier Review4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5) VIEW ON AMAZON
4.Skuttle 190-SH1 Furnace Humidifier Review4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) VIEW ON AMAZON
5.GeneralAire 1000A Furnace Humidifier Review4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) VIEW ON AMAZON
6.Aprilaire 700 Furnace Humidifier Review4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5) VIEW ON AMAZON

How Do Furnace Humidifiers Actually Work

The furnace’s main task is to produce the heating air and the humidifier moisturizer that heat before ending it from the machine into the actual room. Now, this process of humidification might differ depending on the type of device you are using. 

Because if you’re using a fan-powered humidifier, then the air would get flow through the water, some of this air would evaporate during the process, and some moisturize the air. 

Now another type of humidifier is the bypass humidifier. In this, the process is slightly different in that the air gets passed through the soaked pad while carrying the moisture also with it. 

Furnace Humidifiers vs Console Models Comparison

Many people get confused when it comes to these devices, but to put it in simple terms, console humidifiers are those models which work on plug and play basis. On the other hand, Furnace humidifiers need to operate in the HVAC system to make use of them. 

Now, the usage of these two devices is quite similar, and that’s to humiliate the workplace or the home for people living in an environment that demands heated air. 

  • Compared to the console models, the air of furnace humidifiers gets spread in a uniform direction across the various rooms or offices because these devices are connected to the ducts.
  • A survey found that furnace humidifiers produce four times more humidity than console models.
  • The maintenance of a water pad or furnace humidifier filter requires replacement semi-annually or annually. On the other hand, console models require a lot of time and effort to maintain in the correct condition. 
  • If you compare the furnace humidifiers’ prices, they come costly compared the console humidifiers.
  • Those who have large houses or rooms should use furnace humidifiers to cover the large area easily. Console humidifiers, on the other hand, are good for small rooms or houses. 

How to choose the best Furnace Humidifiers: Buy The Right Furnace Humidifier

Buying the right type of humidifier is still one of the most challenging decisions for most users. To make it simple here, we explained the different types of units that will help you make the decision. 

1. Types Of Different Furnace Humidifiers 

(i) Drum Humidifiers

The mechanism of the drum humidifiers is made with the usage of the rotating drum. Here the rotating bypass tube is connected through the rotating drum to the source water. All of the air going through the ducts passes through this tube, and it’s moisturized through evaporation and ultimately disappears. 

(ii) Flow-Through Humidifiers

This machine uses a similar water evaporation method and a tube also. But, here, the water flow is different. A constant flow of water is sprayed on the humidifier pad, and the process of humidification works in a never-ending loop.

(iii) Fan Powered Humidifiers

Not everyone has a large space to set up furnace humidifiers, and if you are also going through the same condition, then the fan-powered humidifiers would work great for you. Here you don’t need to worry about the tube, bypass ducts, or any other thing because the air is passed through the fan. These humidifiers require less room or space to set up, and that’s why people love them.

(iv) Steam Humidifier

Compared to the humidifiers mentioned above, a steam-based humidifier works best in any case when it comes to the most powerful device. These humidifiers use electricity and steam instead of an evaporation mechanism, which manages to produce more moisture levels to keep the room hot. You can also control the temperature of the room quite easily with steam humidifiers. 

2. Room Coverage Of Furnace Humidifiers

The big question which every customer has asked us is how much room does the furnace humidifier cover?. It might be hard to say the exact number, but a good furnace humidifier easily manages to cover 1500 square feet without any issues. If you decide to go with premium quality dehumidifiers, then you can expand them to cover 3000-8000 square feet of the area for sure.

However, make sure that the humidifier fits right to your house size. Because a bigger humidifier will result in more moisturization resulting in waste of electricity and water supply. On the other hand, the humidifier shouldn’t be so small that it does not cover the space fully, so strike the decision of buying the furnace according to the area of room these machines cover.

3. Set Up And Installation

The installation process for each humidifier depends upon the type you have bought. Because if you select a drum furnace humidifier or flow through the machine, then these are installed to the bypass ducts. In this installation, the air intake would be done through the supply plenum, and from the outer duct, most will be dispensed. So ultimately, it’s a choice of yours whether you want to install the plenum or air ducts. 

One piece of advice we would like to give is when you’re installing a steam humidifier, then get the help of a professional. Because the installation process of heating would be difficult in these machines and normal people who don’t have experience should avoid it. There might be cases where you will need to have a special powered outlet because most of high-powered humidifiers operate on 240 volts. 

4. Humidity Output

Even if you like using humidifiers for some reason, you should know that there is a limit to their usage. Depending upon the type of humidifier you’re using, they still can produce 12 gallons or 19 per day, and it shouldn’t be more than that. You should ensure a good amount of water tank available in the humidifier because that would be necessary. 

To check the humidity level, have a closer look at its daily usage and then make a proper benchmark based on it. Because that would be quite important considering every other factor. 

5. The Weight And Dimensions

A home furnace humidifier needs to be attached to your HVAC system of yours, and that’s what you should know about the dimensions of the humidifier you’re buying. There might be occasions when you would find your room too small for the humidifier and need to make adjustments based on it.

So when you’re buying, make sure that the humidifier is not that heavy, and that it’s easy to install. If you have a larger house, there shouldn’t be an issue with the dimensions because of so much space. 

 6. Compatibility

One of the key elements of buying a humidifier is that it should be compatible with the HVAC system because otherwise, there won’t be any point in buying it. 

If you have a pre-installed HVAC system with a heat pump and thermostat, then you will have to make sure that the new furnace humidifier you’re buying also fits in. 

7. Cost

One of the most basic yet quite important things about buying a furnace humidifier is the device’s price. Now the cost of a furnace humidifier would differ on the brand you choose to install, and you should also don’t forget to consider the cost of installation. Because many people don’t know how to install humidifiers properly so if you hire professionals for it, consider adding that cost to the budget and make a proper decision based upon it. Still, here is the expected price range of the humidifiers.

  • The flow-through humidifier’s price range is around $200-250.
  • Drum and bypass machines would cost around $150-250.
  • Steam humidifier’s price is around $450-700 or more.

Steam units are usually priced higher, and if you consider the price of installation, it will cross $ 1500 quite easily. A furnace humidifier would be around $500-1000 easily. 

8. Warranty 

Warranty would give you a safeguard against something bad happening to the furnace humidifiers of years in some abnormal situations. It would help if you didn’t forget about the quality and terms and conditions you are buying the machine along with it. Get at least one year of warranty because that would save you from any additional repairing costs for sure. Some of the best humidifiers in the market are giving 5-10 years of warranties also. 

Top 6 Best Furnace Humidifiers Review from Amazon: Updated 2024

Now it’s hard to list down each product when you are reviewing, so what we did here is picked the best furnace humidifiers and reviewed them. It will give you a clear idea about which one you should buy. 

1. Aprilaire 400 Furnace Humidifiers Review

So if you have a mid-sized house, then what you need is a decent-sized furnace humidifier because neither too small nor bigger would be suitable for you. Now in that situation, Aprilaire 400 is the best furnace humidifier for sure. Because this humidifier is suitable for those houses which come into the range of 1250-4000 square feet. 

Depending upon your house or office room size, you can place a stand-alone humidifier for usage if you have a good space available. If the HVAC system is already in existence, then also you can Aprilaire 400 to it. There are very few humidifiers that suit you perfectly, and fortunately, you can easily trust this product.

Here users get two options to control the humidity level, either manually or let the machine work in its way and maintain it automatically. In the auto mode, we have seen that the bypass damper controls the humidity level if the weather condition crosses a certain limit, and it automatically maintains it. 

Another great thing about the Aprilaire 400 furnace humidifier is that it requires less water and fewer maintenance costs. It’s quite easy to clean it up and maintain it for long-term usage.


  • Five-year warranty period.
  • No need for a floor drain.
  • Reversible side panels.
  • Covers a good amount of space.
  • If installed via DIY, then it voids the warranty.
  • Not suitable for old-age homes.


2. Honeywell Home HE360A1075 Furnace Humidifiers Review

Those people living on the north side or in the dry area know how important the humidifier is, and that’s why we have listed HE360A1075 humidifiers for those people. It’s a great flow-through model that works in climatic conditions, is usually dry, and requires a good humidifier to control. 

Usually, people are worried about the cost when searching for the best flow-through humidifiers, but that won’t be the case with Honeywell Home HE360A1075 because it’s quite affordable from every customer’s point of view. You don’t have to worry about area coverage because it can easily cover up to 4500 square feet. 

However, it’s not so much to install the humidifier because we have seen that one of its parts is quite complicated and requires the help of a professional. So don’t get into the Tony Stark mode if you don’t know how to install a machine, ask for help and install it. You can check for the online tutorials but if there is something you are not catching, avoid doing DIY. 

This humidifier does not come with a water container, which few people might not like. But, since you live in a dry condition, you don’t have to worry about the water deposits and related issues. However, it does increase our water bill for sure because much of the water would get wasted.

While installing this device, ensure that it has good drainage because it’s necessary to check that there is no leakage in between to increase its efficiency. 


  • Covers a good area.
  • A large size.
  • Humidistat is included.
  • Installation is relatively easy.
  • An additional Installation kit is required.
  • Only one year warranty.


3. Aprilaire 800 Steam Furnace Humidifiers Review

Some people have a larger house area, and for such conditions, you can’t solely depend upon the average humidifier. In such a case, you will need a humidifier like 800 tea that can cover every corner of the house quite easily. 

This humidifier uses the heating plate to produce moisture better than the evaporation method since this method can easily cover large amounts of space. It’s a good piece of machine for people who have larger homes. 

It can produce up to 34.6 Gallons per day of humidity and can cover an area size of 6200 square feet quite easily without any issues. No, when you have such a powerful piece of humidifier in the house, there won’t be any need to worry about other things. You will have to connect the humidifier to the 240-volt power outlet to get it started, and it requires a huge amount of it for larger usage.

However, it’s not compulsory to use that much energy level because, on 120-volt power, this machine works without any issues and satisfies your needs. Since it’s a steam-based unit, it is going to produce more humidity than our expectations. 

This unit is a fill valve to bring the water to the leak-proof electrode canister. Then the water gets heated with the essential equipment, and it starts boiling, and that’s where the unit gets the moisture and releases it to make the air humid. 

Even though the piece of the machine might look quite heavy and compact, the installation process, on the other hand, is quite easier, and it takes quite less time to operate. The unit would be in operation till the temperature is between 40 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit measures the humidity itself, and if the outside temperature requires humidity, it will start its operation and make the temperature more humid accordingly. 


  • It covers 6200 square feet.
  • Auto and continuous modes are available.
  • Electrode canister change indicator available.
  • Five years of warranty.
  • It’s relatively heavy.


4. Skuttle 190-SH1 Furnace Humidifiers Review

When the environment in which you live is dry, breathing becomes quite a big issue in these conditions. So in such a case, what you need to do is use one of the best whole-house furnace humidifiers, maintaining the air quality and temperature under control. Skuttle 190-SH1 is undoubtedly one of the best furnace drum humidifier units that can also be added to your existing HVAC system of yours.

The continuously rotating drum hosts the absorbent pad, and then the heat from the furnace starts to evaporate some of the water-soaked by the pad. It makes the temperature under good breathable conditions. 

The best part of this unit is using the humidistat because you can set the desired humidity levels with its help. Whether the temperature goes down or up, the humidistat would come into play and make everything alright. 

You don’t have to worry about the humidity output level because it can produce up to 17 gallons of moisture per day when the unit operates at 120 degrees quite easily. This piece of the machine can cover up to 4048 square feet of distance.

Reversible components make seamless fitting, and water wastage are also reduced. So use the tools that come into the installation kit properly to set it up. 


  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Rust protected.
  • Energy saver.
  • Installation kit provided.
  • One Year of warranty.


5. GeneralAire 1000A Furnace Humidifiers Review

Not everyone is rich enough to spend thousands of dollars and pieces of machines that would be obsolete in a short period. So we have listed GeneralAire 1000A for everyone who is looking for a budget-friendly and durable furnace humidifier. This piece of the machine comes with ten years of warranty, making it one of the best fan-powered furnace humidifiers, without any doubt.

Since it’s a fan-based humidifier, it doesn’t depend much on the furnace for its operation. You will be getting a similar moisture level for a continuous period and can easily cover a distance of 3000 square feet.

The mechanism process of GeneralAire 1000A is quite simple; the built-in motor is used to pull in the warm air, which would be moisturized after passing through the evaporative vapor pad. The moisturized air would be taken out from the ducts in the outside environment. 

While installing, make sure that you do it properly because what we have found is that the solenoid collar is not that tightened. So in such cases, if the installation is not done properly, there are high chances of thermal leakages and similar stuff. 

The availability of the humidistat makes things quite easy for you because you will have to just pick the right settings for this humidifier, and this humidistat will handle everything. The featured sensors are great and quite responsive because they would observe the outside environment and make changes accordingly. 

However, the only thing that would bother you is the water usage; since this unit is fan-based, it will consume lots of water for sure. However, if we compare it to the quality of the air it’s producing, then it’s worth some extra bucks. 


  • Ten years of warranty.
  • Automatic mode.
  • Thermostat included.
  • Outdoor temperature sensor.
  • A little bit heavy.
  • It Consumes water so much.
  • Noisy.
  • DIY installation results in a violated warranty.


6. Aprilaire 700 Furnace Humidifiers Review

Even though we agree that we have listed Aprilaire 700 as the last place on our list, it doesn’t mean that this product is not fascinating. Aprilaire 700 can be trimmed as the best home furnace humidifier considering everything this unit offers to a customer.

You don’t need to worry about noise, cost, water leakage, or any other thing because it operates quite perfectly in each case. This humidifier is a fan-based operating, so it means that hot air from the furnace will get pulled in for humidification. After that, it would be spread over the area from the ducts.

This unit can be good for a home size of up to 4200 square feet, and it can produce 18 gallons of moisturizer daily without any issues. However, if your home is not smart enough or has old-aged buildings, it can produce the moisture level of a house up to 2100 square feet without any issues.

Since it’s a fan-based unit, water leakage could be the issue, and for what you will have to connect it to the drainage system where the excess water can be taken out and maintain the level of the humidifier properly. This system would help you from the issues of bacteria, water leakage, or anything. 

The extra pieces you will be receiving are an installation guide, a water panel, a solenoid valve, and a saddle. Also, the 24 VAC transformer is also provided by the company, which you can use accordingly. 

Humidistat included in the unit is quite easy and fun to use because of the wide display screen. You can use this humidifier for 24 hours continuously without any issues, and a humidistat can manage the temperature automatically without your intervention. 


  • Five years warranty period.
  • Less noisy.
  • Less maintenance and cleaning are required.
  • Various indicators are provided.
  • The installation guide is not sufficient.


What Are The Negative Impacts Of Dry Air

Many people don’t know, but the over usage of dry air in our daily living can lead to various side effects, and here are some of those.

  • The issue of dehydration.
  • Continuous breathing of dry air can increase the issues related to asthma, nose bleeding, sinuses acting up, and many other things.
  • Skin-related issues and allergic reactions.
  • If you touch the unit with some water on your hand, then mild shock can be experienced by you.
  • The paint and wallpaper on the walls would get torn up.
  • Pet animals would also face similar issues.
  • Plantation becomes quite harder to maintain in such a dry environment. 

Many health experts have said that the best usage of the humidity level should be at 30-50%, and if you are using it to the fullest level, then be ready to face the side effects for sure.

The Installation And Maintenance Guide On Furnace Humidifiers

Many people get confused when it comes to installing the furnace humidifier, so here we tried to explain the process in short and precise ways.

  • First, take these actions on the place where the furnace humidifier will be installed:- Mark the area with the help of a felt tip, then drill holes around that area, and use aviation strips to cut the outline. Then position the mounting plate and use sheet metal screws for fastening it perfectly. 
  • Place the humidistat on the top of the furnace humidifier on the plenum:- first of all, Mark the holes again with a felt tip and then drill in them. Attach the humidistat to the mounting plate.
  • You can refer to the manual installation guide to check you have connected the humidistat with the furnace perfectly. See if the wires are properly connected and don’t forget to put them on the transformer. 
  • For attaching the humidifier, you can use screws to connect the solenoid valve to the humidistat. While doing that, make sure wires are placed at the correct position and torque till it gets fully fastened. 
  • Now for connecting the waterline. Use the saddle if it’s usable. If not, then you can connect it by using the bypass line. If you are eligible to use the saddle, install it to the waterline and connect it to a furnace humidifier. 
  • The steps mentioned above are written after our personal observation; you are still advised to check from the user manual guide and take the professional’s help if required at any place. Because sometimes the actual condition and experience would be different from what we are celebrating here.

Frequently asked questions for Furnace Humidifiers: FAQ

Q1.Can I Add The Humidifier To An Existing Furnace?

Yes, you can install the furnace humidifier to the ductwork right beside the existing furnace system.

Q2.What Shall I Do If The Furnace Humidifier Is Leaking Water?

The chances of water leakage start when there are some issues with the drainage pipeline. Not that pipe could clog or puncher, or any other issues might also be there. So you need first to switch off the system and then identify what’s the issue, then fix it. You can also put the vacuum cleaner on the pipe and check the leaks. 

Q3.Can Furnace Humidifier Cause Mold On The Walls?

If you have installed the furnace humidifier with proper settings on the wall, you shouldn’t worry about mold issues. However, considering the demand, if the system generates more humidity, it can cause mold for sure. 

Q4.What Be Shall Configuration For Furnace Humidifiers During The Winter?

You can use 30-50% of the humidifier setting during the winter days. Depending upon the weather condition again, make changes to the configuration accordingly. 

Q5.How Many Times Shall I Change Furnace Humidifier Filter?

You can do that annually in the majority of cases. But, if you live in a condition where the weather is usually dry, do it semi-annually. 

Q6.How Many Professionals Charge For Installing a Furnace Humidifier?

It’s a subjective case because the installation cost would depend upon the unit you have bought, how heavy it is, and what type of settings are required. Usually, professionals charge between $200 to $1000 again, depending upon the complexity of the unit. 

Final Words

These are the best furnace humidifiers that you can use to warm the place you live in. Sometimes during the cold days, we will need the humidity to make our days comfy and enjoy them fully. The above-mentioned furnace humidifiers come from reputed brands reviewed by experts so that you can put reliance on them. However, if you have any doubts or questions relating to them, leave a comment below. We will be glad to resolve all of your issues.