6 Best Soleus Air Conditioners Reviews from Amazon: Upd 2024

When it comes to air conditioning, many people would agree that nowadays we see so many new brands that sometimes it’s quite confusing which one you could choose. However, if you are the type of person who is looking for the best cooling, heating, and compact air conditioner, then Soleus is the brand that you should look into. 

As a great fan of ACs and having quite a good experience with these devices, I can personally say that Soleus is the type of company with lots of diverse range of air conditioning devices. So what we did in this article is dig into their brand and try to find out what are the best Soleus AC that you can put your money on.

Soleus ACs Diverse Range

Soleus had managed to produce top-notch ACs in different ranges, including saddle, portable, windows, and through-the-wall (TTW). However, we did not find anything in the central system, but they have some mini-split systems, RV ACs (recreational vehicles), and PACs (packaged terminal ACS).

You will find PTAC being installed in various single-room hotel rooms or individual residuals here. The usage is going to be limited. Portable ACs produced by Soleus has a great range, and they are probably one of the most famous devices the company has ever produced. 

Why Should You Choose Soleus AC?

When it comes to Soleus, people always have different types of questions about the various models this company has produced. But the following are the top reasons why you should choose Soleus AC in any case.

Different Modes

One of the best things about using Soleus ACs is that you will get to see various modes. The different models have dry, sleep, energy saver, fan, and some even auto modes also. The turbo cold mode is one of my favorites because it uses the cooling system and fan for ten minutes to cool down the room temperature. When you come from a hot temperature, sweating turbo mode will help you cool down the room quickly. 

Various Fan Speeds

Almost every air conditioner has different types of fan modes to help you adjust to the existing temperature. Soleus ACs usually come with three fan modes, namely cooling, auto and energy saver. You can cope with the fan-made according to the situation and save energy. 

Remote Control Plus Timer feature

You don’t have to touch the ACS when you want to change the temperature. Because Soleus ACs come with automatic remote controls that can be used to control the environment surrounding you. Soleus MyTemp sensing feature enables the AC to follow the temperature set on the remote control, and it’s pretty amazing. You can use the 24 hours on/off timer feature to use the AC. It’s helpful during power shortage conditions because the AC will automatically restart when the power comes back.

Soleus ACs Filter Checker

Usually, what’s the most important thing in our daily AC usage is forgotten by our weak memory, Soleus knows that fact. So the company added a filter checker feature to remind you about changing the filter’s frequent basis. 

Smart wifi Connection

You can connect with the AC using the smart wifi function, which is available in most Soleus models. However, the older versions of Soleus ACs did not have the feature, and we can’t do anything about it. 

Energy Efficient

Soleus knows that the majority of the customers are worried about electricity usage. So they used smart energy-saving technology in their ACs, which resulted in the perfect use of these ACs in each condition.


Usually, when it comes to ACs, the only thing we are worried about is the warranty. Here, the company is giving you a one-year warranty on components and five years on the air compressor. 

Good ACs For Everyone

It doesn’t matter what type of meds you are crying with the ACs because here, Soleus has managed to produce a diverse range of products for everyone. You can see climate control models, energy-saving ACs, dehumidifiers, and heaters. Those who are into technology and like to use smart gadgets can use the smart wifi-enabled ACs. Overall, the brand is suitable for every type of customer, whether they are traditional or modern.

6 Best Soleus Air Conditioners Reviewed: Updated 2024

When you have plenty of options to choose from, sometimes it becomes confusing. So here we have listed and briefly reviewed the best Soleus ACs which will help you choose the right product. 

1. Soleus Air Exclusive Review-

If you are looking for the best soleus saddle AC then this is the product that will satisfy every demand of yours. The 6000-BTU Soleus Air Exclusive is designed and made in such a way that will please every type of customer who is looking for saddle ACs. You can fit it over the sill, allowing you to get extra space and view from the windows. The design is made for the saddle, and it allows you to use it for a single room or a large hall of residual units. The air compressor is fitted in the interior section of the AC, giving you the noise-less experience of using an AC. 

While the AC is 15 inches high, it can easily be fitted in the window of your home. The product is classified as an energy star product, so you don’t have to worry much about electricity bills. One of the best things we observed while using Soleus air exclusively is the perfection of the saddle design. You can easily fit into the wide without worrying about falling on the earth or anything. The ACS also weighs just 67.8 pounds, giving you more options to install them and use them for better purposes. 

However, we have seen one common problem among all the owners of the 6000-BTU Soleus Air Exclusive. The issue with the AC’s installation is that the majority of the people are not able to fit the drain plug correctly. So they ended up putting a bucket under the AC for water leakage. So you would want to avoid such a messy situation, and to do that, you need to fit the AC properly. You can also take the help of a professional if you don’t know how to install an AC. You can use the user manual that comes with the product, and it’s pretty well elaborated on what types of steps need to be taken to install this AC.

You will get all types of modes like sleep, energy saver, auto, dry, and fan (with three speeds), and that’s plenty of options considering’ just a saddle AC. The reusable filter and the remote control system work great on the AC, and you can adjust the temperature by looking at the LCD screen. The AC has 24 hours on/off timer, and it also comes with a Child Lock feature preventing access to small children. 


2. Soleus Air PSX-10-01B Review

When it comes to the best Soleus portable AC, nothing can beat e SoleusAir PSX-10-01 for sure. Usable for a single room, not so expensive, and most important, easy to port makes this AC into the best 10000-BTU Soleus ACs. You will be getting dry, auto, and sleep modes in this AC. Also, the option of a child lock feature will prevent small children from accessing it. 24-hour turn on/off, and my temp sensor helps you control the AC in the desired manner. You can use the turbo cooling feature, which will use the different cooling variations at a fast speed to make the room chiller in a short period. 

The LCD screen on both of the units and the four-way adjustable louver help you customize the airflow direction. There shouldn’t be any problem with noise because the AC comes with 52-54 dB, which is not that much irritating. The design is quite intact, and the AC will not be eating much of our room space, as it’s 17″ wide and 27.3″ high. It will be fitted in the small congested room and weigh just 63.9 lbs; you can use the caster wheels to shift it to another place. 

This AC is a single-hose portable AC, which is good for those who have smaller rooms and are looking for a budget-friendly portable machine. However, it’s recommended to use the double hose AC unit if your requirement is bigger. Overall considering each demand of the people, Soleus PSX-10-01B is the best portable air conditioner considering you are going to use it for the short term and take care of it. 


3. Soleus Air SG-TTW-12ESE Review

Many people are searching for the best Soleus through the wall AC, and the only name which comes into our mind in this category is the SG-TTW-12ESE. This piece of unique machine has everything, whether it’s AC features including the air conditioning fans, different modes, and the ability to fit into the wall of your room. Whether it’s fans (4 options), an energy saver, or the compact design, everything is perfect about this AC. The indicator light on the AC helps you to make changes to the filter. 

You can also use the LCD screen, 24 hours on/off, and four adjustable louvers based on your requirements and needs. The auto-restart function helps the AC to restart without your effort during power interruptions. However, this AC does not come with child lock, dry mode, or turbo cool, so if you are the type of person who doesn’t need it, then there shouldn’t be any issues. However, what we found is that this AC makes a little bit more noise at 55-59dB compared to other machines. It also weighs around 76 lbs making it the most powerful piece of machinery in the house. 

This acts like other TTW ACs also as it has a slide-out chassis, so if the right-sized sleeve is installed in your house, then there shouldn’t be any issue during installation. The design of this AC is 17 (H) x 27 (W) x 16 (D), so make sure that it fits into the walls of your room and measure it carefully. You will not need any professional help, but it will take another person’s help for sure, and use the necessary tools and manual user guides for installation. 


4. Soleus Air WM1-15E-01 Review

When you are looking for the best Soleus window air conditioner, then you should go with WM1-15E-01 AC without having any doubt in mind. Because this compact AC has everything like a MyTemp sensor, LCD on the remote, 24 hours timer, and auto restarts after power interruption. Usually, people worry about filter cleaning, but the auto filter checker feature reminds you about washing it frequently. The auto, dry, fan, sleep, and energy-saving dodo help you adjust the air conditioning based on the situation.

The gold armor protection is given to AC. Here you will find the gold coating on the air condenser to starve off the corrosion and increase the durable working life of the machine. Customers are quite happy to use the different doses of the AC. Still, some observation says that the energy saver, auto, and sleep mode are the best to save electricity and increase efficiency. Since this AC is so powerful, some users might complain about the noise problem, but you can’t do much about it. If you want to have a compact and powerful AC, you will have to deal with it ultimately.

You can use these different modes and make some manual changes to rescue the noise level so that there shouldn’t be any problem. The main issue is the weight because this machine weighs around 121 lbs, so you won’t install it by yourself and get help from a buddy or professional here. 


5. Soleus Air KY120 Review

If you are the type of person who is looking for the best Soleus portable AC for your small room area, then this AC is suitable for you. This AC has everything you are looking for in a small AC unit as it comes with an LCD, remote control, 24 hours on/off, and temperature display. This ACCOUNT offers you a fan, dehumidifier, and auto does for home usage. You can also use ultra cooling for immediate relief and relaxation. 

Ky120 is a single home unit and not drain hose compatible, so the options to drain soleus portable air conditioners are limited for sure. Here you are getting lots of relief in other forms like cooling power, instant, and easy installation, taking quite less effort from your side. The AC is built in a way that it takes care of the water build-up automatically. You can also use the indicator fitted on the AC to help you out with the drainage tank. This AC is quite stunning because it weighs only 62.8 lbs and is easy to carry compared to other machines produced by Soleus. 

The caster wheels are not so strong, but they are made to easily carry the lightweight AC anywhere in the household. The standard installation is quite easy because it takes no effort from your side, and you can use a manual guide for help also. The window size is 51″ wide and 25″ narrow, so installing it accordingly becomes quite easy. It makes 54 dB of noise level so your neighbors wouldn’t get bothered about it, and neither would you have any problem. 


6. Soleus Air LX-140NT Review

Usually, we use the AC for air conditioning and making the room cooler. But Soleus Air LX-140NT is the only AC you will find in this list that comes with a heating pump also. The company has equipped the Ac with 14,000 BTU of cooling and 11,500 BTU of heating, so there won’t be any issues for sure. The AC auto unit turns on the cooler over 80 degrees and heaters over 68 degrees F. You are also getting different types of modes here like heat, cool, auto, and sleep, which is fascinating about this little piece of unit.

This AC is made with dual hose installation, so you would need it while installing and using it for heating and cooling purposes. However, you can use the fan modes or the basic cooling with just a single or no hose without any issues. The installation kit helps you to open double-hung windows up to 7 ft easily, and that’s quite good when it comes to installation. Dual hose installation will help you use the AC more efficiently, and it’s also an ETL-certified piece of machine.

If we compare this piece of AC with others, it weighs relatively less at 71 lb only. Because this AC has dual power-generating machines and so many great things, it only takes up a 17 x 15-inch area of floor space, and the caster wheels make it easy to port from one place to another. It has a drainage tank on it, so make sure to clean it up and keep the AC intact.


Who Is Making Soleus Air Conditioners?

Soleus Air is a relatively new company in the air conditioning market but has not managed to gain the trust of customers with its quality products. The company is famous for using new technology and making portable air conditioners at a reasonable price range, which is not so common for buyers. The dual hose conditioners, usage smart chips, USB-supported devices, and Ac with heat pumps are the features that make the Soleus brand worldwide famous. 

The main origins of Soleus are China, but they are currently operating in various parts of the world, including Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, etc. 

Soleus ACs VS Other Brands

1. TCL

TCL is a famous Chinese brand for making dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, and other similar products. However, compared to Soleus, TCL focuses more on home entertainment appliances.

2. Danby

Danby is a Canadian company that focuses on similar products, like Soleus, but their main focus is on diverse products. The product catalog of Danby is bigger, covering refrigerators, dishwashers, and wine coolers also. 

3. Hisense

Hisense, a Chinese brand, was once famous for making radio, but slightly they went into making ACs, refrigerators, and TV. Currently, they are one of the biggest portable AC unit manufacturers in China.

4. Koldfront

Koldfront is a true American brand making cheap and durable portable types of air conditioners. Even though the company is not using smart technology, traditional users love this brand. 

5. Frigidaire

The name Frigidaire is quite famous in the USA because of its low-budget home appliance products. You can buy dishwashers, air fryers, stove ranges, and many other products. 

6. Freidrich

Fredrich is a well-reputed company from the USA famous for making one of the best home appliance products. The brand is already featured in various review magazines and managed to grab the attention of higher quality, noiseless and durable types of ACs and similar products. 

7. LG

LG, a widely known brand for home appliances, is also a maker of portable, through-the-wall, and window types of ACs. LG is famous for producing different types of home appliance products. 

Installation Process Of AC At Home


Before taking any actions, first, you need to ensure that you have found and read the user manual which the company has provided with the original product. The saddle AC fits with a smaller window opening and makes sure that you have a sufficient amount of space to pull the AC through the window for installing it. You can see the video for the installation process and get the idea that it takes quite a fewer windows. 


Soleus air conditioner installation manual guideline offers you a complete and in-depth sizing guide. You can get help from the sizing guide for each window unit, and it also helps to troubleshoot any air conditioning problems. 

Through The Wall

The wall installation (TTW) process is a matter of sliding the machine into an appropriately sized sleeve. TTW prices are quite hard no matter which type of brand you choose. But, the video tutorial will help you understand the process quite clearly. 


Again check for the user manual guide to see the installation process for the portable air conditioner. This guide can help you to understand the installation and troubleshooting issues also. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Soleus Air Conditioners

Q1.How Long Do Soleus Air Conditioners Last?

It would depend upon the usage and how much you repair it frequently. But, when it comes to positive reviews and usage reports, the air conditioners last up to five years. 

Q2.Shall I Buy A Refurbished Soleus Air Conditioner?

Amazon has listed a refurbished product program, and you can refer to it to check the product list and buy it without any issues. 

Q3.What’s Customers Review About Soleus Air Conditioners?

MSN has already rated windows, saddle, and portable air conditioners. Soleus air west’s website posts each customer’s reaction, and the majority of them are positive reviews. 


So these are the best soleus air conditioners for everyone. The soleus is a brand that is suitable for everyone, and you have plenty of options to choose from. So whether you want a portable saddle, window, or any other type of AC, here everything is available. We hope you liked the detailed information about the various Soleus ACs which we have shared. However, if you are still struggling to find the best air conditioner, leave a comment below. We will be happy to resolve any of your doubts or issues associated with this subject.