What Causes Radon Gas?

What Causes Radon Gas?

It is odorless, colorless, and radioactive gas. When the radioactive elements are decayed they are resulting in the radon gas. These radioactive elements are the uranium which is found in the soil as well as rock. It is found throughout the world. Such radon gas that is in the air can move from air and water. Radon is the cause of lung cancer. It is the second leading cause of such disease. It is more common in the United States. This problem is seen in nearly one to two houses in the United States. When the uranium reacts with the air and water, it causes the radon gas. Uranium is the radioactive element. It is the harmful gas is caused due to the reaction of the radioactive substance.

What Causes Radon Gas

Thus, it is clear from the above that the radioactive reaction is causing the formation of the gas that is harmful to the health of human beings. Such a reaction needs to be stopped which is having the capability of causing various fatal diseases. Such, reaction needs to be avoided in order to safeguard mankind. According to EPA of the US, 1 in 3 homes in the 7 states have chances for radon exposure. Radon emits the alpha radiations which is the source of plutonium.
There is more exposure to radiation in the family where there is a high level of 4 PCI. A student of the elementary school who is spending 8 hours per day is exposed to radiation of 4 PCI of radon. Safety standards have been set for carcinogens. The risk of death is due to radon at 4 PCI is 1 out of 100. There are 1000 times of risk of death carried out by radon. There are no safe levels for radon gas and the level of the radon gas cannot be considered to be the safe level. Radon is a radioactive gas that causes cancer. It cannot be seen, smelled, or taste. But it is a problematic gas.
It is the most important cause of lung cancer in the United States. If there is a high level of radon gases, there are high chances of lung cancer at your home. Children are more sensitive to radon gas. This is due to their rate of respiration which is very high. Thus, it can be damaged by radiation. Radon is the highly radioactive element discovered by the scientists of the US. It was discovered to be the radon alpha radiation and radium was discovered to be the releasing gases. It is an inert gas that is chemically unreactive. It is the heaviest gas. It is the gas with a single atom and with the two atoms of oxygen. It is having the capability of penetrating materials such as plastic, leather, paper, etc. It is soluble in the organic solvent as well as in the water. It is a strong molecule with the materials that are electronegative. It is a noble gas.

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