Is 5G and WiFi Harmful for Dogs? Unleashing the Truth

Are you a dog parent? They are more than “simply pets” to us, aren’t they?  They are related. They enrich our daily lives with happiness, compassion, and everlasting love.

But have you ever wondered if they are exposed to EMF radiation like WiFi and 5G?

The answer is yes, the radiations of WiFi and 5G are harming our beloved dogs. Despite the differences in our genetic characteristics, extended exposure to potentially hazardous radiation can however cause harm to their systems. The same health issues that affect humans also affect dogs.

Sounds scary, right?

Now that you know EMF traditions are harmful to your dog, you must be wondering how WiFi and 5G affect them. Worry not, we will discuss it in detail and also how you can protect them from such hazardous radiation.

Is 5G and WiFi Harmful for Dogs? Unleashing the Truth

Is 5G and WiFi Harmful for Dogs

What Impact Do WiFi and 5G Radiation Have on Dogs?

5G and WiFi signals both emit EMF radiation. But are you aware of the health risks linked to EMF radiation exposure knowing that everyone uses WiFi and 5G nowadays?

Studies show that longer exposure to electromagnetic fields can lead to metabolic disorders of monoamine neurotransmitters in the brain, and can also cause inhibitory effects on the immune response. It is also reported that other than these symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue, and loss of libido.

So think if humans have such adverse effects of WiFi and 5G, how much it can affect our little dogs?

You must be wondering how dogs get affected by something which affects humans, as our genetic structures are different, right? But do you know that dogs and humans share approximately 84% of the same DNA?

Shocked? Well, this is true. Therefore, the same threat is also definitely evident for our puppies.

Hence, this implies, EMF radiation among other things, can considerably affect them as much as humans.

In addition, dogs typically spend more time indoors than humans do, which is one of the main reasons why dogs are getting more EMF exposure than humans.

In contrast to us, dogs hardly leave the house only to walk and do their business every day, while we go to work, shopping, college, and do daily household chores. This suggests that any indoor sources of EMF radiation, such as Wi-Fi routers, laptops, and phones may create a significantly greater risk to dogs.

Do you have your Wi-Fi router in your bedroom? And your puppy sleeps next to you in your bedroom? Then this scenario is a big no-no for your dog.

If your dog spends more time in your room, then we would suggest avoiding bringing electronics into the bedroom.

Dogs are also far more vulnerable to EMF radiation. Their systems are frequently more sensitive to other domestic contaminants, and since they are smaller and have less mass than we do, there is no reason why Electromagnetic fields would be any different.

The endocrine system as a whole is disturbed by 5G since it affects neurotransmitter levels and hormone levels. The endocrine system in your dog controls everything from skin and hair health to mood regulation. Your puppy experiences the sympathetic nervous system state, a stress response, after being exposed to 5G radiation.

Dogs who are not sensitive to EMFs are still at risk for harm. Growing puppies and aged dogs are at a higher risk of experiencing the harmful effects of EMF, as are pets with the following conditions:

  • Impaired immune function
  • Lupus – tissue toxicity
  • Bacteria or parasitic infections
  • Brain Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic anxiety

It also was discovered in one research that increased exposure levels of EMF can cause canine cancer in dogs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that dogs cannot talk with us about their illness and that we frequently learn about diseases either accidentally or when severe symptoms appear. Therefore, we must take precautions before something dangerous happens.

The Best Ways to Minimize Your Dog’s Exposure to 5G and WiFi

Now that you know how 5G and WiFi affect dogs and what diseases can happen if we as their parents do not figure a way out to protect them. So we have created a list of the best ways to reduce your dog’s exposure to 5G and WiFi. Let’s get into the details.

1.   Switch off your WiFi when you go out

Similar to how all EMF advisories advise turning off your WiFi before going to bed, you must do the same before leaving the house. Since you don’t need it when you’re away from the house, this would be an efficient technique to lower your dog’s exposure levels.

Consider purchasing a timer plug if you don’t want to have to hassle with turning it on and off numerous times throughout the day.

2.   Increase physical activity and time outdoors on a daily basis

Regularly placing your pet’s four paws on grass, sand, or dirt for at least 30 minutes each day can balance the EMFs in their body and re-establish their connection to the Earth’s restorative energy.

Your pet’s cellular energy is depleted by prolonged radiation exposure from mobile phones, computers, TVs, and WiFi routers. Positively charged free radicals are neutralized by contact with the Earth, which reduces oxidation and inflammation.

Additionally, 5G forces the body into a continuous sympathetic nervous system condition, whereas ground contact on the outside of the body soothes the nervous system and helps your dog reach the parasympathetic condition.

3. Cover your electronic devices

It’s possible that you have already covered your devices if you are aware of the dangers of EMF radiation. If not, you ought to start doing this right away.

One of the major culprits in the home, we suggest installing a smart meter shield as it would do wonders.

If you don’t want to keep turning off your WiFi router, you should also consider fitting one there.

4. Make their bed more comfortable by hanging a Faraday fabric canopy

Consider hanging a canopy made of Faraday cloth across your dog’s bed, the same as you would for your own.

A metal mesh is present in Faraday cloth, which is then grounded. This assists in obstructing nearly all EMF radiation wavelengths directly to your dog.

5. Keep your dog away from sources of electromagnetic fields

However, this is typical advice for everyone as we all know if the sources are kept at a distance we would not be exposed to direct EMF radiations. Thus it would limit EMF sensitivity for dogs as well.

The inverse distance laws are observed in EMF radiation. Depending on the wavelength, these are either reverse squares or reverse cubes.

In other words, the field decreases by a square or power as the distance doubles. Depending on the regulation applied, this can range from a half to an eighth.

In general, it is suggested that you keep large EMF radiation sources in the home, such as WiFi routers and smart meters, at least 10 feet away.

As a result, you must try to place your dog’s bed in a location that is exposed to the minimum EMF sources.

Although WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity are often the worst for EMF radiation, consider any electronic gadgets you may have around your home to protect your puppy.

An EMF meter is the best tool for this test. Conduct a home inspection and determine the areas with the lowest readings. That place would be best for your dog’s bed.

Protect Your Dog From Harmful Radiations

Dogs are often called a man’s best friend so it’s our responsibility to protect them, isn’t it?

Now that you know how radiation can affect dogs, it’s our duty to prevent them from being exposed to excessive amounts of EMF radiation by making a few minor adjustments.

Hopefully, you would utilize the tips we have given you above to protect your sweet dog from harmful WiFi and 5G radiation.