Radiation Sickness Symptoms: 8 Signs Much More Than a Headache

Technological advancements and lifestyles of today have led to excessive use of electronic appliances and devices. For the utmost convenience and to make things easier, efficient equipment saves both your time and energy. Talking about energy, electronics emit some kind of radiation (also called energy) that are invisible to the human eye. The more active a device, the more frequencies it can emit. And, being exposed to such energy for a majority of the time gets you are risk of several health diseases. We are talking about the electromagnetic field or frequencies produced by a device and here are a few radiation symptoms you must be aware of.

Radiation Sickness Symptoms: 8 Signs Much More Than a Headache



What Is EMF (Electromagnetic Field)?

The electromagnetic field also commonly called electromagnetic frequency is essentially the field that affects your health upon prolonged exposure. It’s that form of energy which is invisible to the naked eye along with being colourless as well as odourless. These radiations are generated due to a difference in the voltage or simply when the electric current flows.

Sources of Electromagnetic Field Emission

To put it together in simple terms, EMFs are produced from electricity. And, from an appliance present in your home to a larger electricity pole, anything can affect your well-being. Some of them can be much weaker while other might be strong enough to deter your health. Therefore, here are a few sources from where electromagnetic fields can emit and cause harm:

Top EMF Sources in Your Home or At Work

  • Cell phones
  • Other cordless phones
  • Microwave
  • Television (especially the box-style TV)
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Electric blankets
  • Lighting circuits
  • Dimming switches
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Hairdryers
  • Refrigerator
  • Laptop/ PC
  • Fax machine
  • Printers
  • Photocopier
  • X-ray and MRI machines
  • Voltage converters
  • Alarm clocks
  • Air conditioners
  • Baby monitors

Top EMF Sources outside Enclosed Spaces

  • Electric substations
  • Transformers
  • Cell phone towers
  • High-voltage power lines

Electromagnetic Field Emission – Should You Be Worried?

No matter what the claims say, prolonged EMF exposure is definitely a big deal. It has the ability to wreck your system. You may be someone who is particularly allergic to emissions. So, it can get you in trouble.

These are cancer-causing rays that lead to a disturbed sleeping pattern, chronic fatigue, stomach disorder, irregular heart functioning, hormonal imbalance, genetic malfunction, a decline in cognitive abilities or a troubled nervous system.

Long-Term exposure first targets your eyesight. Your skin gets susceptible to redness and rashes. Several studies have also shown to deteriorate male sperm quality. And, it can also induce depression-like symptoms or lead to Parkinson’s.

Radiation Sickness Symptoms

  1. Fatigue

One of the primary radiation symptoms is chronic fatigue despite having restful sleep.

  1. Impaired Sleep Quality

Another common and extremely important sign to look out for is a disturbed sleeping pattern. From smartphones to television and computers in your room makes it a hotbed to easily trap the EMFs.

  1. Hearing Unbearable Sounds

Hearing some buzzing, ringing or hissing sounds in the ear can be due to radiation hypersensitivity.

  1. Brain Fog

A cognitive decline can be observed to disturb your concentration levels and lead to memory loss or other severe brain issues.

  1. Irregular Heartbeat

You may experience a fluctuating heartbeat. It can be either slow or fast. The signs may include palpitations and restricted airflow. All in all, the symptoms point towards threatened heart health.

  1. Allergic Reactions

Your skin may experience unexplained rashes, redness, and tingling or burning sensations.

  1. Radiations Inhibit The Natural Defense Mechanism

When electromagnetic radiations start to obstruct your health, the natural defence mechanism indemnifies. Your immune system isn’t able enough to fight against environmental pollutants. Eventually, your metabolism starts giving up.

  1. Other Symptoms

Leukaemia is one of the extreme signs observed in kids that occur due to prolonged electromagnetic exposure. Muscle cramps, body pain, and stress too can arise due to high EMF exposure.

Can Something Be Done?

The moment you observe any such signs or symptoms, all together or one of these, check with your doctor ASAP. Other than that, even before the EMF symptoms show up, take protective measures and safeguard your loved ones.

  1. Keep your environment well-ventilated.
  2. At least keep your bedroom free from Wi-Fi equipment, television, and other such electrical devices that can emit direct radiation.
  3. Do not keep your mobile phone too close to yourself when sleeping.
  4. Keep a check on the levels of EMF pollution in your environment with the help of EMF detectors.
  5. You can also get into using an effective EMF protector.


The radiation symptoms aren’t too mild enough to be ignored. Hence, you need to just pay a little more attention in case you observe such signs and you also have too many electronics surrounding you. The electromagnetic field is everywhere and it is up to you how you chose to deal with it!

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