This Is Why You Should Test Your Home for Radon Gas

This Is Why You Should Test Your Home for Radon Gas?

Is your house protected? We do make several attempts in protecting our house from the unwanted guests or rather to say unwanted diseases or dangers.  Some do make the use of CO2 monitors while some do use the smoke detectors. If you do have a child in your house then we do protect them from falling from the stairs by the use of the childproof system. Even do protect the little ones from going near the cabinets and hurting them in such an attempt. We do even clean the floor with disinfectant so that no germs get inside our house. Teach the little ones to clean their hands before they eat so that they do not consume anything wrong. Do you go through the labels of the food items before buying that? I do. Products such as personal care and baby care are also been bought by viewing the labels. We do also cover the windows to stop mosquito from entering our houses. One thing I do prefer to do is cleaning the vegetables, fruits, and meats with water before preparing them.  We do also take care of the outside of the house by spreading pesticides around.


You must be thinking why I am making you count all these daily household jobs? My intention is to make you aware that if you are taking your house seriously and looking into each and every factor for making your house and family safe then why you are not taking any protection against the most dangerous gas present on the earth’s surface.

Yes, I am talking about Radon gas. Many are there who are still not aware of the threats of radon gas but we cannot close our eyes and overlook the threats that the gas comes with. Many conversations, television shows, and research articles are there related to radon gas but how many of you are aware of the danger it carries with you. I think not much. So, Radon is considered to be the most dangerous gas that can cause lung cancer to the non-smokers also. You can’t see it, or taste it or even cannot smell it, which makes its presence unidentifiable for the humans. If present in a large quantity then it can cause lung cancer. Radon gas can affect you just by sitting at home, no need to go in any radioactive mines. According to the Estimation Protection Agency of the U.S., within every fifteen houses, there is one such house that is inclined to the radon level. In another survey of the U.S.,  it is estimated that above 20,000 deaths per year are due to lung cancer originated from radon gas. This gas is not rare. It is nearly present each and everywhere especially over the places with granite and shale. To the most surprising, even the air purifiers cannot stop this gas from entering your body. Radon occurs normally in nature due to the decaying of the radium gases.

Effects of radon gas can be prevented when you are outside or in a closed place with good ventilation where the radon gases cannot gather. Factors that affect the attack of the radon exposure are your age, are you a smoker, Exposure period to radon gas, and lastly the season.

What are the ways by which radon gases can be prevented from entering your house?

Yes, It is possible to prevent radon gas from entering your house. There are many processes that do work on that but discussing the basics can be to implement a good ventilation system for your house. This ventilation system helps us by making the radon gas go off from the house.  Secondly, you can also seal proof of your basement so as to prevent radon gas from entering your living room.

These are all precautions that can be used to make your home radon free but how to know whether there is present in the home or not?

The best way to know that is to go through a test. Normally there are two types of tests – short term radon test and long-term radon test.

A short-term radon test is done basically to take a quick look at the radon level of the home. These tests can be performed anywhere – in your home, office, or even in the garden place. The short term radon test takes a time span of 2 to 90 days.

On the other hand, if you want to go through a more accurate result then go for the long-term radon test. In these test process, the measurement is done based on the variations of the radon levels over the time span. The term long term is due to the period of the test being carried out which is around 90 days or three months. Radon is believed to be soluble in water so separate tests on the water can be performed with your concern.  The water test result is given with that of the long-term radon test results.

If you wish then you can perform both long-term radon test and short term radon test together so that you can get a quick result and after say three months can get the accurate result on radon gas existence in your house or office.

As said earlier that attack of radon gas can be prevented if there is well-equipped ventilation present in your space but you-you are planning to go for an energy sufficient and airtight house then just conduct a radon test after you are done with your work. If the test was carried out just a few days earlier then also it is recommended to have a test as the result can be different in the case of the ventilated house and the tightened house.

While buying a property, the radon gas test is the must to make sure that the level of the radon gas does not exceed the limits set by EPA. Radon gas can be harmful and be neglecting it can cause lung cancer and serious illness.

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