Water Safe WS425W well Water Test Kit Review: Updated 2021

Water safe ws425w well water test kit review– Best drinking water test kit

Here we bring to you Water Safe’s user–friendly and finest Well Water Test Kit, WS425W (best drinking water test kit review). It develops, maintains, and sustains a happy, healthy and safe environment for not only you but your friends and family. The kit accurately makes an analysis of the eight common contaminants that might be present in your drinking water.

Watersafe ws425w well water test kit review: updated 2021

This well water test kit by Watersafe is a product that brings laboratory testing capabilities within the reach of a common man. The kit provides you with accurate, affordable, and convenient testing solutions for overcoming common water contamination problems.

What is a Watersafe ws425w well water test kit?

If the water that you use is drawn from a well, regular testing of the same is mandatory for maintaining better well-being. This test kit comes in handy for you to secure the health of your family members. The kit is essential, affordable as well as accurate for testing well water for several harmful contaminants.

Specifications of watersafe ws425w well water test kit

  • The kit tests for potentially destructive elements present in water
  • It identifies unsafe levels of several contaminants
  • The kit is capable of testing the following:

Copper, Chlorine, Iron, Lead, Bacteria, and Toxins from pesticides/ fertilizers


How does It work?

Remember, when you use water from a common source like a well, you act as your very own municipal water treatment planner. You need to first test the water and consequently make informed decisions regarding the treatment. Follow the instructions as mentioned inside the box and be sure of how safe your well water is!

Benefits of using watersafe ws425w well water test kit

  • The test kit produces results quite faster
  • It is easy to use
  • Provides accurate testing
  • It’s convenient and affordable
  • It’s an innovative and best quality product
  • The results are compared following the EPA recommendations
  • It detects almost ten dangerous contaminants present in water


  • Tests only well water


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