What Animal Urine Glows In The Dark?

While exploring peculiar and intriguing phenomena in the natural world, one phenomenon really out – the ability of certain substances, including animal urine, to fluoresce. While this may seem like a strange, almost supernatural occurrence to many people, it is grounded firmly in the principles of chemistry and physics. This intriguing trait is scientifically fascinating and has a practical application in everyday life, particularly for pet owners. So, in this article, we delve into why and how animal urine glows, what animal urine glows in the dark, and the surrounding specifics. 

What Animal Urine Glows In The Dark?


Does Animal Urine Glow In The Dark?

Animal urine does not naturally glow in the dark. 

This statement might be slightly misleading, as it may be interpreted to mean that animal urine can glow in the dark naturally, without any sort of external influence. 

However, the truth is that under normal conditions and regular lighting, animal urine does not exhibit any luminescent properties. It is only under special conditions that it does, making it visible to the human eyes. 

So, while it isn’t entirely accurate to say that animal urine, or pet urine specifically, glows in the dark, it is perfectly correct to say that pet urine glows under a particular light.

Does Animal Urine Glow In The Light?

Does animal urine glow in the light? Not under typical visible light. 

Like human urine, animal urine is generally not luminescent and does not produce a visible glow under normal lighting conditions. 

It is only under specific wavelengths of light, such as UV light, that pet urine can fluoresce.

Does Animal Urine Glow Under Any Kind Of Light? 

Not exactly, animal urine, to be precise, pet urine, cannot glow under any kind of light. 

Animal urine can glow under UV light, also known as black light. 

It does not glow under other types of light, such as ordinary household lights, including incandescent, LED, or fluorescent ones.

What Animal Urine Glows in the Dark under UV Light?

What animal urine glows in the dark under UV light? Cat and dog urine glows when exposed to ultraviolet beams of black light.

In addition, the urine of many rodents, like mice and rats, also glows under UV light. Furthermore, rabbit urine, like many other small mammals, also fluoresces under UV light. 

What Causes Pet Urine to Glow Under UV Light?

What causes pet urine to glow under UV light? When it comes to why animal urine glows under UV light or will fluoresce, the primary reason is due to certain compounds in the urine, such as uric acid, phosphorus, and other waste products excreted by the body. 

When these chemicals are exposed to ultraviolet light, they absorb the energy and then re-emit at a different wavelength, causing the urine to glow, usually a pale yellow, bright yellow, or slightly greenish, and be visible to the human eye.

Why Detect Pet Urine Under UV Light?

Using a blacklight, or UV light, to detect pet urine stains can be very beneficial for several reasons. Some of the important ones are as follows:

  • Identifying Hidden Urine Stains

Often, pets may urinate in less visible or less frequented areas, making it challenging to spot the stains. Urine stains that have dried up or soaked into fabric may also be difficult to see with the naked eye. So, a blacklight can reveal these hidden stains.

  • Eliminating Odor

Pet urine can cause a strong, unpleasant odor, especially if not cleaned up promptly. But even after you have cleaned up a visible stain, residual urine soaked into the material can continue to cause odor. Using a blacklight helps you ensure that you have located all the hidden urine and help you fully eliminate the smell.

  • Preventing Repeat Accidents

Pets, especially dogs, are likely to urinate again and again in the same spots due to the lingering scent and marking of the location. However, by thoroughly identifying and cleaning all the sites where your pet has urinated, you can discourage them from urinating in the same place.

  • Allows For Deep Cleaning Efforts

By determining the full extent of a urine stain, you can ensure you are thoroughly cleaning the entire affected area and not just a portion of it.

  • Health Reasons

Accumulated pet urine can pose health risks due to the growth of bacteria. It can also cause allergies in people, particularly with respiratory and skin issues. So, identifying and cleaning all pet urine stains can help keep your home healthier for adults, kids, and pets too.

  • Determining Pet Behavioral Issues

If a house-trained pet begins urinating in the house frequently, it could be a sign of a bigger health problem like a urinary tract infection, or a major behavioral issue. Identifying the frequency and locations of urine stains can help diagnose and address these problems with a vet or pet behaviorist.

How to Find Pet Urine under UV Light?

Here is how you can find pet urine using a blacklight/ UV light:

  • First, purchase a suitable UV flashlight or blacklight. Make sure it is powerful enough to produce sufficient UV light.
  • Next, wait until it is dark enough to get the best results. This is because UV light is much easier to see in the dark.
  • Once it is sufficiently dark, shine the UV light over the areas where you suspect there might be pet urine.
  • Look for spots that are glowing. They will likely be a slightly different color than the surrounding area – typically yellow or greenish.

A Quick Note: Wait till nighttime to start your search. Shut all lights off and look around; you may be surprised at what you find. And you might just end up cleaning most of your house when you see all the other unexplained splatters in places you could not even think of or reach otherwise. 

What Other Substances Glow in UV Light?

UV light can also make other things glow. So, not everything that glows is necessarily pet urine. Other substances that can glow when exposed to a blacklight or UV light may include:

  • Fluorescent Dyes and Paints

These are specifically designed to glow under UV light and are often used in artwork, posters, clothing, or party decorations to create vibrant, glowing effects.

  • Certain Minerals and Gemstones

Some minerals and gemstones, such as certain types of agate, amber, and quartz, glow under blacklight. This glowing property of gemstones and minerals is often used to identify or authenticate specimens in geology and gemology.

  • Banknotes

Many countries use fluorescent ink as a security feature on their banknotes. The ink is usually invisible under regular lighting but glows under UV light.

  • Security Markers

Invisible ink pens, often used for marking property in case of theft or for fun novelty messages, glow under ultraviolet light.

  • Certain Body Fluids

In addition to pet urine, body fluids like saliva, semen, and sweat can glow under UV light. This is possible due to the proteins and other chemicals present in them.

  • Tonic Water

Quinine, an ingredient present in tonic water, glows brilliant, bright blue under UV light.

  • Antifreeze

The bright yellow-green color of antifreeze comes from a dye that glows under UV light.

  • Certain Cosmetics

Some cosmetics, such as certain nail polishes, body paints, and lipsticks, can fluoresce under UV light.

  • Laundry Detergents

Many laundry detergents and bleach contain phosphors that glow under UV light, making white clothing appear brighter.

  • Certain Foods

Some foods can also glow under UV light. For example, freshly sliced oranges can fluoresce a bright orange color under UV light, and specific vitamins like B2 (riboflavin) will also glow under UV light.

What Are Some Best UV Light Detectors for Pet Urine in 2023?

Here are some highly-rated UV light detectors in 2023 for finding pet urine:

1. GLOSSDAY Blacklight Flashlight

This portable UV flashlight is highly suggested for detecting pet urine stains. It offers a decent number of UV LEDs and a good range of UV light.


  • Powerful 128 LEDs
  • Professional grade ultra-intensity
  • More than 100000 Hrs. running life per flashlight
  • Works best in low-light situations
  • Good for its
  •  price


  • A little pricey
  • Might not work on wood, tiles, or concrete floor

Our Take?

This one’s a useful purchase. It is bright, heavy-duty, and literally eats batteries like anything. But it does what it is supposed to. You won’t be disappointed.

2. KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight

This one stands out due to its 100 UV LEDs, which allow it to cover a large area. It is highly effective at detecting pet urine, dry stains, and even scorpions.


  • Powerful illumination
  • Impressive 100 led bulbs
  • Battery powered
  • Highly recommended


  • No negatives. 

Our Take?

This light has excellent reviews online and among our professionals too. In our opinion, you won’t regret buying this product. It does what it is supposed to. 

3. Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light (51 LED)

This handheld UV flashlight is highly rated for its illumination and durability. Its 51 UV LEDs allow for a larger coverage and highly efficient pet urine detection.



  • Ultra-compact
  • Highly durable
  • HD brightness LED lamps
  • 51 UV LEDs
  • Not too expensive


  • Not too bright

Our Take?

This product is known for its high power and relatively low cost. It can cover large areas and do its job well. In addition to pet urine, you can detect bathroom stains, counterfeit currency, fluorescent agents in diapers, bed bugs, etc.

4. Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light (12 LED)

This UV flashlight is praised for its durability and bright UV light. It features 12 LED bulbs and can efficiently detect hidden pet stains on carpets, floors, and furniture (in a relatively smaller area).


  • Super affordable
  • Lightweight
  • It is small but works for its intended use
  • You get what you pay for


  • Not too durable

Our Take?

It is great for multiple applications, including revealing dry animal urine stains and spot scorpions, and it also acts as a nail paint dryer. If you want an inexpensive blacklight, this might be the one.

5. uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight

This one’s a powerful upgrade from the standard 100 LED models. It can cover a large area, offering 30W UV light, and utilizes SMD tech (better technology than the first-generation DIP LEDs) to pump higher-intensity UV light.


  • Innovative, new-age design
  • Can detect dry pet urine stains
  • Up to 80 feet UV beam distance
  • Commercial grade quality


  • Expensive

Our Take?

This product is super durable, has a strong output, does what it claims, and covers a larger area. Also, as a user on Amazon quotes, “It is the brightest UV flashlight in the world,” making it an excellent choice.

Please Note: These are just a few of our suggestions. Before purchasing just any blacklight, make sure you always read product reviews and consider your specific requirements and budget. 

When buying a UV light for pet urine detection, some factors to consider include the flashlight’s durability, battery life, the number of UV LEDs, and price.

Final Words

The fluorescence of animal urine under UV light is a scientific curiosity harnessed for practical use, particularly in pet management and hygiene. By understanding the How, When, Why, and What Animal Urine Glows In The Dark, you can leverage UV light technology to spot hidden urine stains, clean them thoroughly, and manage pet behavior more effectively. Besides, from portable models to those with extensive coverage, you can find a variety of UV light detectors in the market to help you better with this endeavor.