Original Radon Sump Dome Review : Best Sump Pump Covers (Upd 2024)

The Original Radon Sump Dome: The Ultimate Saviour That Prevents Radon Gas, Sump Water, Odours, and Insects From Entering Interiors. The Original Radon Sump Dome is an innovative product that is designed to fit over a sump pit. This is designed to prevent radon gas, odors, insects, and critters from entering the interiors. The persons having open or unsealed sump in the basement can get this product installed and ensure the safety of the residents. This product is easy to install and does offer access to service the sump pump and control it. The Original Radon Sump Dome can be taken as an alternative for covering and sealing the sump and addressing the issues.

Original Radon Sump Dome Review: Best Sump Pump Covers (Upd 2024)


Original Radon Sump Dome  Specification:- 

Product NameThe Original Radon/Sump Dome
Product Weight11 Pounds
Product Dimensions24 x 24 x 4 inches
Product model numberJackel-SMR16101
Certification Certified frustration-free

Original Radon Sump Dome Other Features:- 

  • It is easy to install.
  • It suitably fits over the existing sump pits.
  • This product measures 24 x 24 x 4 inches and can be installed over the sump pit measuring the same.
  • The Original Radon Sump Dome weighs 11 pounds.
  • With high durability and tensile strength, this can bear weight up to 1000 pounds.
  • This product is certified to be frustration-free.
  • This is manufactured from rugged structural polyethylene.
  • With the heavy-duty feature, it is safe for children and pets.
  • Manufactured in The USA, the buyers get a warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer.


What Does The Kit Include?

The Original Radon Sump Dome kit is delivered in a packet that comprises a Split cover with a radon vent flange, base ring, gaskets, and a hole-drilling template. This product is equipped with a full range of flanges that fit every size of pipe. The kit also includes battery operated water alarm, wiring grommet, and pipe-sealing grommets. The kit also consists of a full set of glue-down bolts, nuts, washers, and spacers. The entire kit makes it practically easier to install the Sump Dome/cover easily without the requirement of drilling on the concrete floor.

Easy To Install And Easy To Service

The Original Radon Sump Dome allows the plumbers to easily service the sump pump from the top without any interference of the discharge pipes, radon pipes, and electrical connection intact. Installing The Original Radon Sump Dome there is no requirement to dig up the basement or floor for removing the existing sump basin. Simply remove the old cover install The Original Radon Sump Dome over the sump opening and create a sealed system. This product is quite efficient for everyone and saves money and time.

Water Alarm With The Sump Dome/Cover

The water alarm is battery-operated, and the alarm sounds when the water lifts the float. The sound of the alarm is 85dB which is audible from the basement. The 9 Volt battery used in the alarm lasts up to 1 year in standby mode. If the battery condition lowers then, it alerts you with a chirping sound. The system includes ‘dry contacts’ which can be connected to the home security system or with a simple auto-dialler. This would help in notifying any water problem before the issue grows high and high damage is done to the system or property. The alarm sensor float is fixed on a bracket of stainless steel in the sump. This can even be fixed on the sump pump pipe or the sidewalls of the sump. Based on the water level within the sump the sensor can be positioned.

About The Product

The manufacturers of The Original Radon Sump Dome aimed to design a gas-tight cover for serving radon reduction and retrofit the failing sump and sewage basin covers and invented this excellent product. You can find The Original Radon Sump Dome on leading online stores like Amazon. The Original Radon Sump Dome is priced low which makes it quite affordable for common people. The Original Radon Sump Dome is an amazing and smart product to cover up the unsealed sump. Purchase this and rest assured of any water leakage from the sump.

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