What Is Freon And What Are The Signs Of A Freon Leak In Your Equipment?

Do you know what happens when a Freon leaks in the refrigerator or even in the freezer?

Is Freon leakage cause any damage to your health?

How do you even know If there is a Freon leak?

These are some of the most common questions we hear from technicians.

In this post, we are going to answer your questions.

Yes, it is possible for refrigerant poising to take place when a person inhales any chemicals found in refrigeration hardware.

These are called Freon. A minimal amount of Freon on the skin or a limited leak is not usually threatening in a well-ventilated area.

Anyone who observes any hint of refrigerant poisoning must immediately contact a physician or emergency service without any delay. Freon leakage is extremely dangerous If you do not take care within a few hours.

For safety precautions, it is highly advisable to take care of them immediately.

What Are Freon And What Are The Signs of A Freon Leak In Your Equipment?



What is Freon Exactly?

You may have heard this term multiple but not a lot of people don’t know the exact meaning of this term.

Let’s quickly dive into it and clear your doubts.

The term “Freon” can refer to any of the fluorocarbon refrigerants found in HVAC systems.

Keep in mind that Freon is also a name of a specific brand of refrigerant. Don’t get confused about the Freon brand and Freon.

 Freon is a trademark for a thermally stable, nonflammable gas used as a refrigerant in home and industrial air conditioning and as a propellant in aerosol cans. Made up of carbon, fluorine, and chlorine gases, it was introduced commercially in the United States in 1930.

Whenever a phase change takes place in the coolant, it is accomplished by the air conditioning compressor. There are a couple of evaporator coils in the refrigerator through which the compressed and cooled liquid is passed.

The heat is then absorbed here, and it returns to its liquid state. The cooling equipment blower pushes the air into the environment after pulling out the heat and moisture from it. That’s the reason you get chilled air from AC or refrigerator.

6 Crucial Signs of Freon Leaking in Refrigerator (And why you shouldn’t ignore it)

These days modern refrigerators have Freon as their primary and essential component. Cooling down the refrigerator’s interior compartment is the basic yet important function of Freon. By doing this, foods, fruits, and other stuff remain fresh and Freon ensures to maintain the temperature properly.

Though Freon cooling is a closed system, some people may experience leakage occasionally. Freon leakage not only spoils the food but is also dangerous to your health.

There are some times when Freon leakage happens and people wonder why their refrigerators are not working properly. To help the refrigerator technicians, we’re here to help you out by showing some signs that will help you know if there is Freon leakage in the refrigerator or not.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started.

1. Surge in Your Electricity Bills

This may seem basic but it is surely worth taking a look at.

Facilities may get higher electricity bills in the summer and winter seasons because they use electrical appliances to cool or heat the houses.  Right?

Electrical appliances that cause a sudden hike in the electricity bill usually need repairing. Don’t ignore it and check the bill properly whether there is an increase in the bills or not.

 2. Spoiled Food

Most people get a soda or any other cold drinks that are kept in the refrigerator. There is no doubt about it. However, people buy cold items or foods which is not adequately chilled even after staying for hours in the fridge. It is the perfect time to check for Freon leakage.

A Freon leak could be the reason why a refrigerator or freezer is not cooling down at its usual state. The leakage of Freon causes an imbalance in temperature regulation. When the temperature is not regulated correctly, the fridge fails to keep the food fresh which is not at all a good thing for anyone.

If you get a complaint from a facility about food in the refrigerator getting spoiled, you should check for low refrigerant levels immediately.

3. Chemical Odor from the Food and Refrigerator 

People tend to check the food first when an unpleasant smell comes from the refrigerator. I guess you are doing the same thing, right?

You may not be perfectly familiar with the Freon’s smell, but you can easily sense it as soon as you open the fridge. The refrigerants’ odor, specifically of Freon, is very musty and unpleasant. When the food is not kept fresh, it leaves an unpleasant smell making the smell even more unbearable.

You can learn more about Freon’s smell in this article.

4. Refrigerator Motor Will Not Stop

Refrigerators use their compressor and condenser to keep the temperature very reasonable when the weather grows higher. A wrong amount of refrigerant will cause the motor to work continuously because of the Freon leak. When the engine works constantly, the fridge becomes more susceptible to breakdowns.

5. You May Get Sick Because of Freon Leak

As I said in the beginning, you must take care of the Freon leak immediately because you may get exposed to Freon and get sick which isn’t good for your health.

You may feel dizzy or have a severe headache and may also lose consciousness in extreme cases. If you already have any heart issues, you must immediately treat yourself without any delay. A large concentration of Freon can cause arrhythmia and create pulse issues in the person.

6. Oil (Residue) on the Floor

It is easy to identify a Freon leak if the refrigerator’s floor is greasy. The oily residue on the floor is not real Freon (as Freon is a gas) but a byproduct. The residue is almost under the leakage spot which makes it easy to spot it and fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Freon Leak

Q1.How dangerous is a Freon leak from a refrigerator?

You may not be at immediate health risk if the refrigerator is slowly leaking Freon. There is no evidence that Freon is carcinogenic; it won’t cause cancer. However, it does accumulate in the body with time. Although the risks are very minimal, leaks still pose a real threat if left unattended for a  long time. Freon can be toxic when exposed to a burning surface; it becomes harmful when touching bare skin.

Q2.Can a Freon leak in a refrigerator be fixed?

Yes, a Freon leak in a refrigerator can be fixed, but it is going to cause you some money.

People facing this problem are advised to buy a new refrigerator—the amount spent on repairing a freezer can buy a new one. Refrigerators having Freon leakage are very old and outdated. One should change them to avoid any significant loss.

Q3.What Is Freon Poisoning?

Freon is a mixture of chemical gases, which is unscented and tasteless. It doesn’t kill a person immediately but can cause the cut-off of oxygen to the body’s vital parts. Freon poisoning happens when a person stays in contact with Freon for a very long time. Consuming or staying in touch with Freon almost every day causes illness.